White House Press briefing with Sarah Huckabee Sanders 12/12

White House Press briefing with Sarah Huckabee Sanders

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Viewers reacted:

Sherry Doro ·No need to remotely feel sorry for this liar who compromises her integrity & turned her back on this country. She spews integrity in the WH yet supports a man who is a traitor.

Aaron Estes · looks like she is about to cry and the lawyer looked like he had been doing cocaine all day. this administration needs to end now before we are all on fire.

Malynda Herbert Hurtubise We should all be fighting against this administration…it's changing America as we and all around the world know it to be.

Stephen J St Lucia ·Leave Clinton the real Crook here out of it.. it’s time Mr.President Go after her and prosecute her for her crimes because she has a lot to be in jail for..

Derek Hansen · Does anyone even watch this any more? These should be cancelled. They just lie about everything. Talk about a person who is over-paid and doesnt deserve their job.

Mikie Gargiulo ·Your disgusting comments on Sarah is uncalled for you should take a good hard look in the mirror, you’re despicable liberal snowflakes who havre nothing better to do but complain, get a life…

Amber Jones · It's her job to portray what the president thinks or says thus why her title is press secretary for the white house. No reason to be hateful towards her. Should be empowering to women she has this very important job.

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