Morning Update On April the Giraffe and Tajiri

Taj: Um, Mom! Dad! Hey!!
Taj: Hello! Mama, Dad! ……. MAMA …… DAD!!!! 
Taj: ANYBODY???????
April: (distractedly) Um Did you say something Taj?
Taj: Yes!
April: What did you need dear?
Taj: Why is no one answering me?
Oliver: Son WHAT is your problem?
Taj: Dad, is that really you?
Oliver: Of course it is me Taj! Who else do you think it would be?
Taj: Without the fence, I did not know. I have never seen you without the fence. 
Oliver: Well, it is me. What do you need?
Taj: No one is paying me any attention. You are only interested in mama! I am here! I want some attention!
Oliver: In a minute Taj!
April: It has been awhile since I have been with your father It sure is nice to be back with your dad again.
Taj: What do you mean mama?
April: Well, before you were born, your dad and I were always together. Only after you were born did we start having separate stalls. 
Taj: Why is that mama?
April: Well your dad is a bull giraffe and everyone was afraid that you were too small and that you might get hurt. Now that you are bigger, you are less likely to be hurt. 
Taj: But I want some attention too (whining)
April and Oliver: Laughing, OK Taj, In a minute.
Taj: Dad, I can really see you and touch you! I can look at you, run with you, play with you, race with you! 
Oliver: Yes, son, we can do all those things together!
Taj: Wow! This is too exciting for words!
Oliver: Well son, now we can hang out together and I can teach you how to be a bull giraffe!
Taj: Oh wow! That is great dad!
April: Now don’t you go teaching him bad things Oliver!
Oliver: Now April, I won’t. 
Taj: Hey dad, why were you sniffing moms butt. 
April: Oliver, remember his age!
Oliver: Well son, I was sniffing your mom all over to see how nice she smells. I missed smelling her nice scent. I was also giving her special nuzzles and kisses. I just wanted to smell every inch of her because I had missed her so much.
Taj: Oh ok. Are you going to smell every inch of me? 
Oliver: Of course! If I can catch you lol!
Taj: Yeah, you have to catch me first! I am pretty fast!
Oliver: I know you are, I have watched you race! Do you want to race me?
Taj: Can we? I bet I can beat you! 
Oliver: Do you think so? Well lets see…. How about once around the corral? What do you think? 
Taj: That sounds great! Mom can be the official time keeper.
April: OK you boys, but don’t go getting hurt!
Taj: We won’t. Are you ready dad? 
Oliver: Yes. Let’s go!
April: Ok you two. On your mark…… get set…….. go!
Oliver and Taj race around the corral in a blue streak and end up in a tie. 
Taj: (panting) Well that was fun!
Oliver: Next time I will beat you son!
Taj: We have lots of days ahead of fun and play dad! I am so happy we are together now.
April: Me too son.
Oliver: Me too.

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