Vote Jordan Patch for CNN’s Hero of the Year

Vote Jordan Patch for CNN's Hero of the Year 

April the Giraffe Gave Birth and please go online and nominate Jordan Patch for CNN's Hero of the Year. You will need the phone number of the park (607-760-4429) in order to enter him. Jordan Patch, through his work with Animal Adventure Park has made a huge impact on our world in the past few months. With the livestreaming of April's calf, Jordan has helped to educate both children and adults about giraffes, the plight of the giraffe population, and giraffe conservation. At a time when the world is more divided than ever, he has brought people together while watching April's birth process. He has also raised funds for giraffe conservation and created and raised money for Ava's Little Heroes, a non- profit to help children with severe medical issues. He deserves to be CNN's Hero of the Year. If all of us that watched April's birth would nominate him, I think he would probably be named CNN'S Hero of the Year.

vote jordan patch for cnns hero of the year   Jordan Patch

Vote Jordan Patch for CNN's Hero of the Year – How is Jordan Patch a hero?

 One definition of a Hero: a person who, in the opinion of others, has special achievements, abilities, or personal qualities and is regarded as a role model or ideal. Jordan never once talked about his own personal struggles but brought a million people together; educated the young and old; shared a beautiful moment of life that took us all away from our own problems for awhile. Heroes are amongst us daily, just viewed differently,

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I like to go a little deeper when voting for these kinds of things and one of the most important things is has it helped tourism in the local area going by the amount of people booking into local motels the added bonus of people traveling that will need to buy food drinks and other things the added increase of employment generated by the park as well as bringing happyness to hundreds of thousands of people I would have to say yes they have definitely done more than enough for my vote this has gone beyond just a camera stuck in the corner of a stable for locals too keep up-to-date while the park was closed for winter.

Charlee Tiseo: In a time of turmoil in our lives, for a short window of time, Jordan brought people from all over the world together to witness an amazing event created by God. I am looking forward to Tuesday's cam to be able to sneak a peek at baby G and his amazing family(Maybe we will get a peek at other creatures there at the rescue). Jordan Patch…if it were not for you I hate to think where those animals would be(you are their hero)and helping other families going through the same circumstances that you and your wife went thru with your baby(for only you and your wife know what they are feeling and what lies before them. You are their hero). You are a healer for those who can not help themselves and a voice for those who can not speak. You are a hero in the animal kingdom.

Janice Hatchcock – His love for the animals might have saved his animal park..either way he deserves it..if Bruce Jenner can receive person of the yr for coming out..then you best believe Jordon Patch deserves recognition for his work for saving wildlife animals..

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