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Supporters reacted:

Rachel Ruby Rhoades Ordered mine!! So excited

Cassy Wadsworth Shipping & handling are completely ridiculous ($13 to ship two calendars from Cincinnati to Columbus?). But there's a sucker born every minute, so I guess I'll be seeing my calendars in about a month.

Jodi Wiggins They all belong in it. Hippest hippo ever! Can't wait to buy it!

Tina Summers And why can't you all use all four pictures for the cover for the calendar?

Brittany Borghese Mitchell Sturgeon I can't find your original comment but I also picked D! I really like A too

Liz Wharton : I have been a life-long supporter and visitor to our wonderful zoo. This year, my husband surprised me with a membership. We haven't had one for a few years, after a disappointing visit to the Festival of Lights. A whole new experience awaited me – I struggled to even find my bearings in the revitalized layout. Shock and delighted, I took to the new adventure and we have loved our visit. We took advantage of our most recent visit to see not only Fiona, but Kendi and a lot of the other zoo babies. There are also bargains in the park to be had – refills on souvenir cups, and discounts everywhere with your membership, not to mention early admission for members. It has quick become one of our fave activities in Cincinnati!

Members here. So we love taking our 3 year old to the zoo and he gets very excited about going too. We actually live in Northern Kentucky and with construction going on it's a bit of a pain coming into town but we do it anyway.

My son has been asking to see the hippos for so long we figured that now we would finally get to see Fiona after patiently waiting and visiting often. Well we were lucky enough to get there while Fiona was out but the crowd was awful. I was relieved to see staff there trying to control the crown and keep it moving but no one cared.

There were adults standing up against the glass for about 10-15 minutes taking video after video, picture after picture. I realize this is mainly an issue with people being inconsiderate and rude but I wish the staff had been a bit more aggressive with getting people to move along.

We stayed for about 20 minutes total and we never actually got close to the glass. I put my son up on my shoulders and hoped he could see but I was very frustrated. Guess we'll try again and hopefully beat the crowd next time. Good thing we're members.

I felt really bad for people who are non-members and made a special day of it only to be let down. Just be more assertive and walk up to groups and tell them it's time to move along for other people.

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Family Re-reunion – Henry is spending time with both of his ladies, Bibi and Fiona, again. He hasn't been his usual self for a few weeks, so he's been taking a break from his high-energy baby and enjoying adult time with Bibi. He's still not 100%, but his care team saw enough improvement to reunite the family.

fiona legging

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Maria M Paz Awww this was heart warming even in an old Big Hippo his little Daughter is his Princess and she can do whatever she wants with him and he seems to be handling it in a very gentle way. Fiona is so amazing she doesn't even feel scared been inside such a Huge Mouth which means she trusts her Papa Henry very much…. This was a lovely soothing video seeing both interact with each other … Thank you so much for sharing

Susan Manis Webb Fiona was trying to play with Henry yesterday when we were there. When he didn't play along she said "FINE!" and started playing be herself & was giving the crowd quite the show. So cute!

Sandy Hooker I love Henry Fiona and BiBi but this is scary. With him being sick would baby get on his nerves? I don't see mom close by like she was in the beginning. What exactly is wrong with henry? In some of these moments Fiona is sticking her head in his mouth he jerks away kind of hard. Is this something to be concerned about? One chomp and it's over for baby Fiona! Love seeing the family together though

Susan Heinz Wow, Henry's been sick / MIA for quite awhile! Was I the one yelling "Get outta there!" My god, her entire head is in there & the lower jaw was moving upward! Scary!

Marion Joyner Bibi must be more comfortable with Henry around Fiona. I don't see her hovering like she did at first. It would only take him chomping down on Fiona one time when her head was in his mouth. How scary but sweet at the same time!

Tina Shuff I love his face! I feel like he kinda got depressed b/c he finally had his lady in Bibi. But she seemed so protective about Fiona when they were all together that maybe he felt left out?! I don't know but I would think if he was sick with something they wouldn't reintroduce him b/c of Fiona being so little yet. I think this is meant to boost his spirits if they can all spend time together. Fiona seems calm towards him so how this goes may be very much dependent on Bibi. Just some thoughts

Jen Casey Love all Ordered, my 9 y/o daughter is going to flip for this on Christmas

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