Update with Baby Bison; April, Tajiri the Giraffe Today

Join us today for a special proclamation by the County Executive and words from the Whitney Point Mayor's office, regarding the rehoming of the now locally famous Whitney Point Alligators and our announcement of a new gator exhibit for 2018. 
This will be at 11 am. Whitney and Lisle (the gators) will be available to meet.

Also – we have the eclipse today! How will the animals react? Come and see! Just don't look up!

April the Giraffe

Allysa and visitor

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Jordan Patch and visitor

Mom and Son

April the Giraffe and Babies

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Corey at Animal Adventure Park

Allysa at Animal Adventure Park

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Tajiri the Giraffe

Jordan Patch

Supporters react:

Nadine Vincent  Shouldn't have to explain yourself anymore, or at all. You all know what you're doing and continued success in all you do! And … and …. I wanna hug all the babies!

Tena Stout I hate to ask, but i couldn't understand what he was saying on the video. Would someone please give a synopsis of what happened, PLEASE? I do know that she had to be seperated from the bull because he was being aggressive but thats all i know. Thank you

Donna Brown What a beautiful calf. I love the film walk the line and I think you should call the calf Rosanne as June Carter had a step daughter (Cash' s daughter) that was called Rosanne

Jeannie Marie Whitlow You guys are awesome. I hate that people give you guys so many problems. Keep on doing what your doing. I don't feel like you guys should have to explain everything you're doing. You guys are the experts!

Luanne Harper · Lighten up everyone, some people just didn't understand why she couldn't be with mom right after the incident. Sure there are some who are critical, but just asking why isn't hating or being critical.

Bonnie Jones Congratulations on a wonderful job saving that calf, your staff went above and beyond to getting that calf from more harm that could have been done. She sure looks good and strong.

Luanne Harper  I appreciate the explanation. People are curious and asking questions is how we all learn. Just saying, hey, you know what you're doing so we won't ask doesn't educate anyone. Thank you

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