Update on Alf the Giraffe at Brights Zoo On July of 26th

Update on Alf the Giraffe  7/26/2017

Keeper Maggie here. No worries I didn't go anywhere. I appreciate all the followers who love Alf and want to know how he is doing everyday but wanted to let you all know that as much as

Alf the Giraffe

I would love to do a post everyday about Alf, some days I have nothing to report. This post tonight is to let everyone know that I will do my best to make 3-4 Alf alerts a week but please be patient with me during these times cause I have much to do including the care of the other animals at the zoo.

Again I apologize for not having daily updates or pictures but I hope you all will continue to follow Alf along on his journey, even on the boring days. Here's Alf just hanging out tonight, all 6'3 and 185lbs of him. 

Alf Clip 

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Thanks again to you all and be on the lookout for my next Alf Alert! teamalf


Supporters react:

Denise Rosenkranse Oh my gosh. Love this boy. Maggie no need to apologize . We understand you are very busy with our boy and the rest of the beautiful animals. We appreciate when u give us updates. Thanks for everything and all the staff do for the Gods beautiful creatures

Teresa Johnson That is the sweetest face, he is so funny. Love him and all that you do Maggie. Any updates, videos, pictures are welcome anytime. Look forward to seeing Alf updates!! Thank you for all the time you put in to help this sweet little to survive. Hugs, kisses and blessings from Texas

Tracey Valentino I do need a daily dose of ALF in my life but understand there are other animals and lots of other things to do and tend to. Thank you sooo much for all things ALF! I'll take what I can get!!! Kiss him for us…#teamalf

Hollie Baker Now that is a face that will put a smile on your face. 
Thank you Maggie for doing your best to keep us all updated on Alf. Life can get pretty crazy when taking care of animals.

Tami Antonissen Thanks for all the updates Maggie!!!! I look forward to them and we all know you are a busy lady. We appreciate any posts you share!!! Love from Canada

Mona Menard Maggie, please don't apologize, we all know how busy you are and appreciate the updates, videos and pictures of Alf. He is soooo cute! Thank you

Patti Decroo Thank you Miss Maggie! We will be here when there is an Alf alert! I know you are so busy and we truly do appreciate your time with us

Maryann Nagel Thank you Maggie for all the updates. Alf is so precious and you and your team are doing an amazing job. Please give him a hug and a kiss from all of his fans.

Kris Bush Thanks for the update Maggie and thank you for your care of the animals. They have to come first! I appreciate the updates when you have the time

Frances Shuel Smillie Thank you Maggie for caring for and loving Alf. Thanks for working hard for all the animals . It gives us all hope 


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