Update on Alf the Giraffe with Maggie Today

Update on Alf the Giraffe with Maggie Today

Just an update from Keeper Maggie thanking all of you the fans for love and support and the donations!

Vendor spacing for our annual Boo at the Zoo event, on October 28th is filling quickly for this season. Get your spot soon before their gone! Just like our special
Tickets that are on sale! Remember the only ticket that works for admission is the official book at the zoo ticket (no Groupon or donor tickets are available
On this day. Don't delay get your vendor spot or your tickets Today!

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Fans react:

Cathleen Capozzoli Borman I wasn't able to see the video. I do hope Maggie that you will repost the video so that I may view it. I so love Alf and the interaction that you have with him. I have always supported whatever the decision was as to where Alf would go.

Velvette Magee So so happy to see Alf and Maggie !!!! Thanks for that cute update. We have missed you both xoxo

Susie Jacobson Awww, Maggie and Alf, I sure miss seeing your videos! Many prayers sent that you make your goal ♥

Deb Baker Ya'll make me smile! I sure do love Alove and Maggie. It was sure good to see ya.

Ellen Razzi I love Alf shirt so much Wish this donation could be more, but they will continue on a monthly basis until the goal is reached. I have been following Alf's story from the beginning and love Maggie's updates and videos.

Please share this post to help get the word out we are working to keep ALF here permanently as well as get him a girlfriend.

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