AFL Update: ALF meet and great and giraffe feedings

Update on alf the giraffe Brights zoo

Sunday Oct 7th. With current weather predictions for Sunday there is a high chance that giraffe will not be on exhibit. This includes ALF meet and great and giraffe feedings. During rain zoofari will not run.

update on alf the giraffe brights zoo

 Alf the giraffe 

Tony Bright has personally funded the entire zoo. He never wanted to be open to the public. But was asked by many locals to make facilities where public could learn.


He is still funding for the zoo that is not profitable and won’t be for a while. He has been asked by many to change to non profit so they could donate. If anyone knows Tony, they know he has never taken money without earning it

alf the giraffe

Alf the giraffe

April The Giraffe Store

Building a new giraffe barn and new giraffe yard, plus purchasing a female is going to be a huge financial drain on our zoo. Our zoo receives zero outside money. We are closed in the winter months which means zero income from December 1st to March 15. The cost to build this and bring in 1 female is going to be at least $150,000. If we raise that $150,000 by the end of the year we will make a promise that ALF will never leave Brights Zoo.

The link to Brights Zoo gofundme below if you want to help Alf get a girlfriend, too:


Get it to keep Alf  : Here

You can donate: GoFUNDME

Supporters react:

Janice Paulsen Guazzo We were neighbors for years when the zoo was not open to the public. My kids learned so much and loved visiting when they could. We moved away for a few years but then back to WNC. The first trip we took was to Jonesborough to see the zoo again. They were so lucky to have this experience in their own backyard. Thank you for all you do.

Debbie Luck as i very much respect that but please let us help we love the zoo we love everyone there so let us help you please i love your videos on your other animals i learn a lot but now its time for us to give back not just in emojis but maybe help you all

Marci McCall You guys are so amazing. As you know I have sent you a message about helping you! It’s so hurtful that people went where they didn’t need to go! But this to shall pass. NY has your back you just let us know what you need! Big hugs to Maggie and the staff! Always follow your heart as you do and all will work out! Cheers!

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