Update on ALF the Giraffe At Brights Zoo on August 21st 

Update on ALF the Giraffe At Brights Zoo on August 21st 

Keeper Maggie here and I finally have an update! It's been a busy morning for all of us and Alf today. As I'm sure you can tell by the pictures some big changes happened today!

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Alf the Giraffe

Many of you have asked how we would transport a giraffe, well lucky for us Alf fits in our special trailer. Where is Alf going you wonder? Why to his barn and yard of course!

Alf Clip

He loaded and unloaded very well, seeing as he's never been on this trailer, and all before breakfast! We've taken the first few steps towards introducing him to all of you.

Alf will still be OFF exhibit while he acclimates to his new surroundings. I promise I will let you all know as soon as he makes his debut, so please remember Alf will NOT be visible. Alf cant wait to meet you all. 

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Supporters react:

Maria Crescenzo Are you guys keeping him at your zoo or is he going someplace else ? I hope not bec he is comfortable with you please give him hugs and kisses for me

Brights Zoo We can't keep 2 males due to fighting. Also yes Alf wouldn't be able to stay with his Mom forever cause of inbreeding. – Maggie

Susie Rambo Funny question for Maggie did you have to ride with him I'm sure he will love his new area to play in

Brights Zoo Miss Kari and I both rode with him just to be safe but he did great on his trip. – Maggie

Kayb Barrow Awww, weee Alf!!! You did so good sweetie! Thank you Maggie! Love the pix! How tall is Alf now?!!? Anyway, Thank you Maggie, Mrs. Connie, Kari & # Teamalf for all that you do! I love all of you

Brights Zoo He's about 7ft tall. – Maggie

Mona Menard Great News Maggie! Bravo to all of you who took such great care of him to get him to this point. He is a beautiful baby! Big hugs to you all and ALF

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