Morning April 20th Update on April the Giraffe

Good morning!

All is well and baby continues to gain! A small floor scale has been implemented to get a read on baby without separating mom and handling calf.

This is the corner the little guy prefers – inconveniently out of camera 
The future plans will be announced next week of when and how you can check on baby. 

Text alert subscribers will receive weekly photo updates also.
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The baby names are still rolling in!

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Supporters react:

Debb-Dusty Crawford I am sure going to miss this. He was born on my 58th birthday and he is MY lil ZIPPY with the way he runs around!! So love this lil guy!! I am going to miss him. I had sooo many people tell me I got a baby giraffe for my birthday and I will never forget it as it was the best gift ever!! Thank you for all you do and for sharing this beautiful event with the world. Love you Zippy, April and Oliver.

Barbara Jean Imboden Hopefully the goodbye video will be preserved for those who are at work and can't watch it. It's been wonderful watching the last couple months. Will miss watching everyone, but understand you have a park to run. Looking forward to seeing more of you soon. Thank you for taking wonderful care of the animals, for your conservation efforts, and including us in April's maternity journey.

Cathy Onick I bet you guys can't wait!! While we will all miss you , I believe it's time for everyone to get back to their life before April and Oliver. God bless and happy opening. I for one will look forward to any updates on your Facebook page and through text alerts

Melissa Bockheim Thank you just doesn't seem enough. I will miss my hourly viewing of these beauties but have come to appreciate them so much more because of your willingness to share this miracle with all of us. I hope some day to visit your zoo. Keep doing such a wonderful job. You all have found your calling

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