Travis Kelce Struggled To Stand Up Straight After Scary Helmet-To-Helmet Hit

The Kansas City Chiefs are playing without tight end Travis Kelce in the second half of their playoff game against the Tennessee Titans.

Kelce struggled to stand up straight after taking a huge hit from Titans safety Johnathan Cyprien late in the first half of Saturday’s Wild Card playoff game at Arrowhead Stadium.

Kelce was ruled out to begin the second half.

The Chiefs tight end caught a 12-yard pass and was tackled by Titans linebacker Jayon Brown and Cyprien came in to deliver a huge hit.

Kelce was wobbly as he got to his feet and had to be steadied by teammates.


Kelce did jog off the field on his own power, but was immediately taken to the locker room and placed in the concussion protocol. Kelce has led all tight ends with 83 receptions this season and had five catches for 84 yards in the first half of Saturday’s game.

Viewers reacted:

Peter Johnson Too men collided in a collision sport. In other news, water is wet. If this stuff is too scary then stop watching because you're softcock comments are killing the game we love

Mike Slawn Why wasn't it called by the refs???!!! should have been a penalty & they should start ejecting lame & dirty hits that result in concussions….especially after all we now know about it!!! also late hits on defenseless receivers!!!

Steve Boissonneault I like how his teammates pulled him up quick as to possibly negate the protocol with the " nothing to see here" trick. Don't wanna lose Kelce. Sad!

Michael Tew Imagine what would have happened without the helmet. That’s what helmets do, protect the head in this contact sport where you have to tackle a person down to the ground to end the play.

Ken Geez Why must everything be TERRIFYING nowadays? Can't anything just be 'scary'? 20 years ago you would have been laughing at this along with the announcers. Not to say that's right but let's save some of the big guns of the english language for a rainy day before we wear them out.

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