Tony the Hippo At San Diego Zoo Update

Tony the Hippo At San Diego Zoo Update

Drumroll please…We're excited to announce the name of our baby hippo calf is TONY! At 2-months-old & 170 pounds, he's still a little aquatic adventurer

Oh Boy! Hippo Calf Born at the San Diego Zoo is Male

Tony the Hippo and Mom  have sweet dreams outside:

Tony the hippo at San Diego Zoo


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Baby Tony hippo taste testing the water

tony the hippo at san diego zoo update

Tony the Hippo at San Diego Zoo 

San Diego Zoo Funani and her calf share their Lost Forest exhibit with Tony’s father, Otis. Mother and son can be seen on exhibit Tuesdays, Thursdays and weekends, although schedules are subject to change.

Tony and mom


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Supporters reacted to Tony the Hippo At San Diego Zoo Update

Terry Sanders Anyone know when the best time to be able to see him is? Is he out for viewing most of the time?

San Diego Zoo The baby and mom are out most Tuesdays, Thursdays, and weekends.

Sylvia Jack Abbott Thank you so much for sharing this sweet baby & mom with us. It is so important for us to see this loving relationship. Thank you

Sandi Whitaker-Opliger He is so darn cute! Saw Funani pushing him around, he seemed to be really enjoying it, like "do it again mommy"!
Denise Marins Tony? Who's naming the animals there? This name so does not suit this little guy.

Christine Leverence Kling Momma is right there, just awesome

Emilee Hawkins  Ever since Fiona, I now have such a new appreciation for hippos. And now SD zoo has tony! Yay!

Lisa Gove Seriously? You couldn't xome up with a better name? Something african possibly? Good gods.

Curtis Adams Should have been Shrek. You missed out on unending free publicity (see Cincinnati Zoo and Fiona)

Mary Amborn Isn't that Momma sweet to her baby. keeps pushing it up to breath.?

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