Tom Brady Went To Robert Kraft To Force Bill Belichick To Trade Jimmy Garoppolo

The New England Patriots have been one of the most storied, well-run and stable organizations in all of professional sports in recent decades mainly due to the trio of owner Robert Kraft, head coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady.

Tom Brady Went To Robert Kraft To Force Bill Belichick To Trade Jimmy Garoppolo

Tom Brady Went To Robert Kraft To Force Bill Belichick To Trade Jimmy Garoppolo


Five Super Bowls later, it appears as if the dynasty may be close to falling.

According to Boston Sports Media Watch’s Bruce Allen, ESPN will publish a piece Friday morning detailing the rift and power struggle that’s developed within the organization.

Source: ESPN readying new hit piece on Bill Belichick, Tom Brady and Robert Kraft set to publish tomorrow morning at 8am. The topic will be a power struggle among the trio as to who deserves the most credit for the dynasty.

— Bruce Allen (@bruceallen) January 5, 2018

Allen also noted that quarterback Tom Brady went to Kraft to have him force Belichick, who’s also the team’s general manager, to trade Jimmy Garoppolo.

The article claims that the rift is so severe many Patriots feel this is the last year together for the trio. Also that Brady went to Kraft to force Belichick to trade Jimmy G. ESPN is planning a full day of promotion tomorrow for the article and its author @SethWickersham

— Bruce Allen (@bruceallen) January 5, 2018

Ironically enough, if anyone knows a backup can take the reigns of a franchise it’s Brady, who in 2001, was granted the Patriots quarterback job only because of an injury to previous starter Drew Bledsoe, who never started another game for the team.

FOX Sport’s Colin Cowherd alluded to a nearly identical theory earlier this week on his radio show, explaining that Belichick wanted to start Garoppolo under center and the move by Kraft to have force Brady as the starter will push the head coach out of town.

According to ESPN’s reporting there is a palpable sense among the Patriots that this might be the last run for this group.

— Kirk and Callahan (@KirkAndCallahan) January 5, 2018

Additionally, Belichick has begrudged his coordinators traveling to interview with other teams for head coaching positions, which has changed this year.

If Matt Patricia and Josh McDaniels both end up elsewhere next season and the rest of the theory is true, Kraft will be left with a 41-year-old quarterback one hit away from retirement with no coach, no coordinators, and no quarterbacks in waiting all why Jimmy Garroppolo is showing signs of stardom in San Francisco.

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Viewers reacted:

Greg Snyder I love everything about this article. I typically like to see people and organizations succeed…but not this one.

John K. Scott Like espn is a reliable source for anything. These are the same clowns that give lavar ball constant face time. They are going broke and are desperate.

Jason Daffy Now explains why Brady's doctor is banned from the field and locker room. Retribution.

Thomas Farrugia And back to the awful depths that they dynasty came from. The 90s Pats who were absolute garbage

Pete Brooks People WANT to believe this….this is similar to when Tom Jackson said the team “hated their coach”


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