Titans WR Corey Davis Snags An Incredible One-Handed TD Grab vs Patriots

This was just… WOW.

Marcus Mariota with the dime. @TheCDavis84 with the one-handed grab!

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Jeremy Benoit After further review, and a nice payment from Mr. Kraft, this catch, and all other Tennessee catches are ruled incomplete. Patriots win.

Ethan Weiss Incomplete pass, receiver didnt get all limbs down. Patriots ball

Brett Fitzgerald Titans just awoke the real sleeping giants with that catch.

Celebrate now cuz it’ll be nothing but tears later.

Noah Swartwout I guess it was too long until a influential bad call for the Patriots way, That was not offensive Pass Interference on Eric Decker on that 3rd down conversion, that's a momentous call and the Pats are evik

Pall Hathwell The Titans have inherited the fans of 30 other teams  if you see the Nfl pages, just now Touchdown Titans scored in New England first, New England shocked, still it is going to be long night for the Titans. They could be up 35 at the 4th quarter and still end up losing to New England. Do not under estimate the power of the Dark Side  and….the Patriots answer with a Touchdown just now

Nick White I think Malcolm Butler is trash. Gets the game winning INT in the super bowl and he’s considered as great as CHJ, Sherman, Pat Pete, etc. take a good look at what Emmanuel Sanders does to Butler. Sanders destroys him every time they match up

Troy Ericson Geeze, it really takes nothing for woodwork Pats haters to make excuses on a dime. This was a good play by Tennessee and you’re talking about Kraft paying the refs? Lol

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