Mason Update: Grandpa Mason has gained back weight

Grandpa Mason got weighed this morning, and has gained back a bit of weight! He currently weighs 8.62 pounds, which is up from 8.45 at the end of November. I was expecting to see a loss since he has not been meeting his daily food goal this week, so it's a relief to see he's staying pretty steady overall. mason


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Maintaining a healthy weight is one of the major challenges of kidney disease, so that's why we get so excited for even the tiniest gain.  Since he's currently between kittens, he's spending a lot of time snoozing on his TinySofa in front of the fire with the TinyTuxies

Supporters reacted:

Daniela Weekes I’m so in love with a cat I’ve never met grandpa Mason..what a wonderful boy,thank you everyone who takes care of him and loves him,and all the other kitties too of course!

Foster Kritters I fostered a cat a few years ago that had severe thyroid disease. She was a 16 year old pet that had been dumped at a feral colony in the coldest part of winter. She weighed less than 3lbs when she came to us. It took almost 6 months to get her thyroid levels to an acceptable number. It was also a big challenge to get her to eat and get weight on her. I found that we had the best success with salmon meat and salmon oil. Maybe you could try salmon with Grandpa Mason. Our old girl eventually got adopted into a fantastic home where she is still a companion to the matriarch of the family to this day.

Laura Cull please, please, please share what you are doing to help him cope with his condition. so many of us and our kitties could benefit from your knowledge and experience. Grandpa Mason has made such an impact in so many ways already. if you can share this info his impact will be even greater. 

David Allen Good for Mason. I have a question. Having dealt with ferals myself I know how ornery they can be and it is just the way they are. They simply do not trust humans and would rather be alone or with their own kind. How do you pill him and give him meds and how do you weigh him with his lack of warm and fuzzy feelings towards humans. I get the feeling that snuggling and caressing is not high on his list.

Janice Anderson So good to hear. And that picture is fantastic. He looks so wise and happy. And loving. He may be an old feral but never count him out. He is one tough dude. I wonder if he knows that the world revolves around him? Oh yea — he does. Love you, Grandpaw

Janet McCauley I so badly want the tuxes (or cats, period) and don't even live that far away, but can't where I live. My great-nephew stays here a lot and he's so horridly allergic. I miss having kitties around, so I sure enjoy your feeds!

MB Goldstein I'm sure a lot of the reason he didn't lose weight is the fantastic Shelley-I loved the video she showed giving him fluids and meds. Love the IV bag fluid warmer! She spends so much time and love on Grandpa Mason! He can get by missing some food, but not fluids. Shelley you are a true angel! Love you and Mason so much!

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