Merry Catmas from all of us at Tinykittens

Merry Catmas from all of us at Tinykittens

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We wish you an abundance of peace, joy and cheer this holiday season. We are so grateful for our TinyVillage every day, and for the peace, joy and cheer you make possible for us every single day throughout the year. You are loved and appreciated more than words can express!

Our fans reacted:

Kellie Lynch Grandpaw…you have the patience of a saint. Lol
Love to all the babies and especially Grandpaw M. Xoxox

Jane Wolk Wheeler My wish for the world this Christmas is that each and every human finds the same sense of love and compassion in their hearts that all of the folks at Tiny Kittens demonstrate every day

Valorie Cindy Mall Many thanks to Shelly and everyone at Tiny Kittens. In the last three years you have enriched my life more than I could ever express.

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Carole Blue Shelley, thank you and the team for the hours of pleasure and delight your work has brought so many of us.
Merry Christmas.

Sue Neff Meowy Catmas to you too! I love the videos of Grandpaw Mason. I’m glad he realized humans aren’t that bad. Bless you for giving him comfort, love and all of those kittens to groom and play with! 

Jean Fister Merry Christmas Shelly and all the volunteers. I found your website in April when Evolene and Corsica came to TK and it has been a true blessing. You do such wonderful work. If I lived near you, I would definitely be a volunteer. I have fallen for all your cats and kittens and of course, Grandpa Mason for being such a love with all the kittens. Happy 2018!!

Debbie Burnett Merry Christmas to you Shelly and all the helpers at TK Dr.F and team you are all wonderful.. .also to Grandpa Mason and the kittens have a wonderful holiday season

Jody Bernier Merry Christmas to you Shelly and to all the awesome volunteers at TK. The work you do to help our ferals and educate people on the wonders that are ferals is so important and greatly appreciated. Have a wonderful New Year.

Hunter Leah Rhonda Merry Christmas Grandpa Mason and kittens. You have a safe warm loving home Mason and I hope you have many more God be with you and your cat Mommy and Daddy! No Cold hungry nites!! I love you

Laurie Sam My wish for Tinykittens is that ALL the feral's turn in their feral cards, all the baby's that were given up as lost causes would know the love warmth and caring known as TinyKittens, that Shelly and her amazing group of smugglers, vets and volunteers would know just how much you all mean to so so many people across the world. What you have given to me these past few years has meant so much to me, it would take a book to list all the many things. May each and everyone of you enjoy the peace and love this holiday season and may you know in your hearts just how much you mean to so many. THANK YOU.

Tonia Martin McCullough Merry Christmas, Shelly. Because of all I have learned from watching TK, I'll be joyfully feeding 2 colonies on Christmas morning & loving every minute!

Nancy Berman Thank you for bringing humor and love into our lives (and of course, the lives of all the adorable TinyKittens, especially Grandpa Mason!) I'm sure Santa will bring lots of treats for all the good children, regardless of how scampy they might have been this year!

Shari Piehl Thank you for sharing your Merry Catmas with the Tiny Village. What a wonderful, warm scene you put together for us to enjoy. Bless you, the TK Team, and, of course, the cats and kittens this holiday season and in 2018

Tati Castro Merry Christmas dear Shelly, you and your fantastic group of ladies are the best in the world. Thanks for all the hard work you do for the kittens and for allow us to share the joy and sometimes the sadness of being a foster for all the kittens. Best part of this year was discovered TK and have a deeply gratitude with all you and the #Tinyvillage because you help me a lot when a was in the shadow of depression. Sending a lot of hugs to you all, Merry Chritmas!

Terry Cassada Deason Merry Christmas to everyone at TKHQ. May this coming year be one of peace, joy, and all things good. Thank you for all that you do

Julie Baker Shelly and all of the TK crew…thank you is not enough. The wonders, sacrifices, hours, blood, sweat, and tears you all put into TinyKittens is overwhelming. I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! God bless you all!

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