Grandpa takes a break from kitten-wrestling to offer some milkbar in a too-small bed.

Tiny Kittens Mason 

We've adjusted Mason's treatment plan to add an anti-nausea medication called Cerenia. He got his first dose with his noon feeding today, and ate 9g and then 8g at his 2pm and 4pm feedings (vs. ~5g per feeding over the last few days). This could be a fluke, but paws crossed… 

It's difficult to tell if a cat is feeling nauseous, and Mason has not shown some of the common nausea indicators like salivating or vomiting. However, nausea is a known side effect of renal disease, and given his reduced appetite and weight loss over the last few days, it was reasonable to consider nausea as a possible underlying cause. 

We are cautiously hopeful that we might be able to get him back on track with his eating so he can maintain his weight for as long as possible. The most important thing is that he is still clearly happy to be alive, and enjoying every day he has left.

We will continue monitoring very closely to make sure any changes are addressed as quickly as possible. 

Thank you so much to everyone who has sent suggestions and ideas, and shared stories of your experiences with renal disease. We are learning a lot

Grandpa takes a break from kitten-wrestling to offer some milkbar in a too-small bed.

Grandpa Mason teaches Henson how to be extremely ferocious whilst Sweetums has a snooze on the Tinysofa.

Supporters reacted:

Kristen Marcucci Omg. I can’t believe how he allows them to pretend nurse on him. It looks a bit rough, but he doesn’t seem to mind at all. So sweet. I just can’t get enough of these videos

Jill Racine I think some kittens need that. I have a kitten abandoned near my house before he was six weeks old, we think. He still rubs the top of his head against something before he eats. It probably helps their socialization, too.

Shirl Freeman Thats some pile of kitties they all love their Grandpa, they all want to be near him..but maybe they could do with a bigger bed!!xxxx

Kimberly Nordin this has GOT to bet the most determined and assertive 'nursing' group yet! lol

Rita J. Jones Such wiggly little ones it's sometimes hard to tell how many! Grandpa purring while his minions help themselves is priceless! Sweetums seems to prefer napping with Grandpa! Sweet dreams, Grandpa! 

Dora Arsenault I like to think that Grandpa Mason is finally getting to relive his kitten hood after so many years of just trying to stay alive

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