Tiny Kittens Mason Latest Update Today

Tiny Kittens Mason Latest Update 

One year ago today, we trapped an injured feral cat named Mason.

With a diagnosis of advanced terminal kidney disease, we wanted Mason to live out his sunset months in comfort… but we had no idea if this ferocious feral could be happy in captivity after a lifetime of freedom.

What he taught us in the last year has been shocking and remarkable. This “lost cause” “worthless” old feral cat has enriched our lives in ways we could never have imagined.

tiny kittens mason Tiny Kittens Mason

Grandpa Mason and His Kittens

We don’t know how many days he has left, but we know each one will be filled with happiness, love (on his terms), comfort, adventure and the dignity every living creature deserves after a life well lived.

Happy Gotcha-versary, Grandpa Mason! You were worth saving.

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Supporters react to Tiny Kittens Mason Latest Update 

Molly K Sheehan That is the sweetest story!! I love Mason and his kittens!

Patricia Pavelka Awwwe I'm soo glad you cared enough to rescue him and I hope he lives a long long time 

Jennifer Johnson I love this story about Grandpa Mason! I read it all the time, he's such an amazing, awesome, handsome gentleman. Thank you for giving him the chance to find his inner kitten with the help of kittens.

Fane Azure I discovered Grandpa Mason through a share by The Dodo… and have been a big fan of him since. Can get a little jealous of all his little foster kitties, getting but cuddles from him  Thank you for sharing his story and continuing to share Grandpa Masons antics 

Saphira Goode Our babies were off-the-street rescues, from an empty building behind an inn at 4 weeks (mom hit by a car)…they are the absolute sweetest big hot dogs . They hated when we fostered kittens tho lol

Arlene Storms I had a cat that color when l was a little girl and called him Tuffy and dressed him in doll cloths and covered him with a blanked and pushed him in my doll carriage. This made me smile at the memory it triggered. I've had 6 cats in my life.

Jessica Shafner Herring We have a grumpy tiger-stripe boy that has renal failure. After following Grandpa Mason's story we decided to find a 'therapy kitten' for our guy. It has best thing ever. He loves his kitten and is now happy and energetic. He is feeling better, putting some weight in and not nearly as grumpy. Thanks for the inspiration

Charlie Popovich I used to love sitting on my front porch late at night just taking in the sights and sounds. One particularly foggy night this beautiful little cat came out of the mist and sat a few feet away just looking up at me. I tried calling her to come closer but she was wary, so I went upstairs for some cat treats ( we owned a cat and dog ) and put some near her which she happily gobbled up. Each night after, I’d go out and she would come, taking the treats and within a short time she’d lie next to me and loved letting me stroke her and scratch her ears. I called her Misty since that’s where she appeared from. 
My girlfriend tried bringing her into our home to share our lives with, but she went totally ballistic and wouldn’t have it no matter how hard we tried. Reluctantly I let her back outside, just hoping we didn’t scare her away for good. For three nights I sat on the porch waiting, and my heart was broken thinking she was gone. On the fourth night however, there she was, gingerly making her way up the steps and cozying up next to me. 
She brought me a great deal of happiness sharing her company with me. 
There’s much more to this story but I feel I’ve taken up more than enough of all your time. 
I’m very glad Mason found such wonderful people to care for him. Your story has this old guy smiling from ear to ear. Thanks and God bless you.

Nicky Wibbenmeyer I love feel good stories!! 9 years ago we rescued Sophira. To this day, she has a hard time with trust but she has an amazing personality that truly shines when the sun goes down! I love Mason and I love his story!!

Jeff Reid This story sounds familliar. Until 18 mos ago i too was an insipid old feral cat. Then 5 kittens and a mom appeared from under my side porch. I decided to tollerate them, then began to feed the mom. All soon became tame. Watching them grow up as a happy loving family helped me rewrite my own troubled childhood. Soon my heart chakra opened and i began to let the world in. I have been a bettr person since. Namaste Mason!

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