Impromptu playtime with Grandpa Mason and his kittens!

Tiny Kittens in the Classroom

Impromptu playtime with Grandpa Mason and his kittens!

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Fans reacted to Tiny Kittens in the Classroom

Lise McHappy · He has outlived his prognosis….he deserves to be warm, comfortable and loved……as do all God's creatures XO

Pamela Hoorn Cruise · Hi Gpaw. Havin some fun with the kittens? You're so lucky. My kittens moved away yesterday with my roomie. I miss them so watching you brings such a smile to my face. Thank you sweetie.

Carol Druker DeMello ·My 16 year old kitty has kidney disease as well and a lot of vomiting. She’s on an appetite stimulant to reduce the nausea. Just wondering what meds sweet Mason is on.

Heather Hall  We lost my beautiful 12yo Spencer William to kidney failure, as well a few years ago. He was an amazing boy and LOVED all other animals.

Danielle Veaver ·Mason is a handsome cat looks much like mine only Mason don't mind camras and new people i bet. wish i could adopt but i saved two cats five years back and saved a 6 yr old dog as well.

Shaun Orr · I've got 2 rescue babies. 1 came from a cat rescue farm & the other was rescued outside of my work from getting killed by a car. they are totally inseparable now

Angela Burk · lol! Looks like Mason won the argument over who gets the green bed tonight…Where did you get the cat furniture & beds? I'm always on the lookout for things my kitties would enjoy.

Phyllis Venable I had a cat that looked exactly like Grandpa, he was sweet and had kidney disease also. I so enjoy seeing this cat love life. Here's hoping the kittens will prolong his life!

Caroline G. James No humans could’ve done what Grandpa M has done for all the kittens he’s nurtured thus far. Of course we have EXcellent humans at TKHQ but Grandpa is…GRANDPA the Ultimate!

Becky Miller What i learned from Grandpa Mason and feral cats colonies is that they are indeed family, they take care of their pride just like big cats in the wild.

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