Tiny Kitten Teeth: Latest Update on Baby Tiny Kittens Today

Sweetums from our Muppets litter did not appreciate the TinyTuxies #MiracleKitten's art direction during their photo shoot.
We still have eight delightful cats and kittens waiting for homes after being evacuated from the BC wildfires! They are the sweetest, most affectionate kittens you will ever meet..

UPDATE 4:12pm – So grateful to Dr. Ashleigh and the team who took such exceptional care of Marcus at Canada West Veterinary Specialists! Pain meds are on board (yay!) and we will be heading back to HQ shortly. Marcus will be rooming with Stash until he is healed from what appears to be an infection from a bite wound. Stashy is another feral from the Happy Forest with very bad kidneys (worse than Grandpa Mason and his kittens ) who we are currently trying to stabilize.


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UPDATE 3:47pm – Our vet gave his leg and paw a thorough exam, and his bones feel solid – WHEW!! She is going to try to assess whether he has an abscess causing the swelling, since there is a tiny wound nearby.
UPDATE 3:12pm – Marcus demonstrated tremendous acrobatic skills and agility using all four legs when he took an impromptu tour of the ER during his intake exam… So, the good news is his leg might not be as damaged as we feared… paws crossed!! He is waiting for the vet to see him. We did feel a small scab and swelling, so let's all hope for infection and tissue damage with nice strong bones underneath!
BREAKING MEWS: The package has been secured!!!
Trapper Extraordinaire Gwen has just managed to trap the elusive Marcus and we are en route to the emergency vet! He is unfortunately not one of our socialized ferals in the Happy Forest, but we are up for the challenges ahead because he is worth saving

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Supporters react :

Julie Sapera Fantastic news! Gwen is amazing! She is such an integral part of the team and goes about everything without any fanfare. A standing ovation for you Gwen, thank you for all of your hard work behind the scenes. You truly are a hero

Mickey Camilli Drake I'm so glad, Gwen you have my deepest admiration! Marcus looks a bit 'deer in the headlights' at the moment, but I'm sure that once he's had his medical issues cared for, those big gentle eyes will be filled with gratitude. I have a feeling that once he's been handled for awhile, he'll turn out to be a rehab success story!

Gnorbie Lee Yet another fine bit of cat wrangling by the amazing Gwen. She is an absolute rockstar. I'm in awe of her skills and tenacity. Though you may not think so at the moment, you're now on the good side of healing dear Marcus. Better days of squishy food and soft blankies lie ahead for you now, my friend.

Debbie Groll OMGeeee.. Best news of the day!!! Gwen is a miracle TK trapper extraordinaire!! So very happy for Marcus!!! The world is so much better with TK in it!!! Thank you for all you do!

Julie Baker What wonderful news! Maybe he will be like Grandpa Mason and Calvin and realize life with humans isn't that bad, especially since his pain will stop now! Thanks Gwen you are awesome!

Debra Morris I didn't know Gwen was part of the TinyKittens team but I'm not surprised. She is amazing! I adopted a crazy little dog thru Langley Animal Protection Society (LAPS) who ended up being far too much for me to handle due to my inexperience with dogs. She was so good explaining that it was the best thing for both crazy little Rosie and me. Then she found me my best friend and I will be eternally grateful! 
Acacia gives a big Ya-hooooo for getting Marcus to the vet!

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