Times Square Bomb Explosed Update: 1 person in custody; few injuries

Times Square Bomb Explosed Update

 Possible pipe bomb detonated in passageway below ground at Port Authority in NYC, police sources say; 1 person in custody; few injuries

There has been an explosion reported at a subway station in Times Square. Police are on the scene.

NYC police say subway trains being evacuated near 42nd Street due to reports of a possible explosion

UPDATE: One person in custody following explosion at NYC's Port Authority bus terminal, NYPD says.

A live look at the Port Authority in New York City where police are responding to reports of an explosion

YPD and the FDNY confirmed to Fox News they were investigating reports of an explosion “of an unknown origin” near 42nd Street and Eighth Avenue. Police tweeted A, C, E subways lines are being evacuated.

Several people wrote on social media there was mass chaos at the bus terminal, some saying there was a "stampede" when an explosion was heard. 

NYC Office of Emergency Management also tweeted there was “police activity” near West 42nd Street between Eighth and Ninth avenues and advised commuters to expect delays.

Port Authority is the largest bus terminal in the U.S. and about 232,000 commuters go through the area daily. The number of passengers is expected to jump to 337,000 daily by 2040. 

BREAKING: NYPD is at 8the ave and west 44 street subway station investigating an explosion, 1suspect is seen with wires on him,  bomb squad responding

Update: police sources says, it appears to be some kind of bomb that the exploded   NYPD, PAPD, and NYSP are on scene. The FBI has been notified.

BREAKING UPDATE: The suspect who was wearing some kind of device and caused the explosion has died.

UPDATE: The NYPD says the suspect, still in custody, has not died.



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Viewers reacted: 

Patricia Austin Prayers sent out to all involved…

Wes Stolsek That’s Trump making America Great Again

Michele M Gambini Isis is losing in the ground, so they are attacking Western Countries. I think in the next months will be worse.

Chaiya Eitan Many many years ago I went through Port Authority on my way to work in the morning. Never had fear of this kind of event back then.

Michael Gooch Pipe bomb= 1 hour to manufacture. A lifetime of infamy. So old, I remember the difference between fame and infamy, where self control was more important than self importance. Thanks Trump.

Bob E. Salazar Pipe bomb. Suspect apprehended.

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