It’s a boy – The Third Cria Was Born at Animal Adventure Park

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Our alpacas love to steal the show! Our third Cria was born today, once again, in front of a crowd of onlookers. Another happy and healthy baby and mama. It's a boy!

New Baby

Supporters react:

Jackie O'Connor Goodwin Adorable ! Mom looks so proud . I was at the park this summer right after the first two were born & I witnessed how protective the mamas are over their babies . It was remarkable to watch their mothering instincts 

Brenda Rising Question Animal Adventure Park …. Are they brown when born and then as they get older and shaved end up a lighter color? Soooo cute! Love little baby animals 

Debra Furno Santise Holy Moly you're gonna' need a bigger Christmas card this year!! How wonderful for you all. God is surely shining on you

Rosie Senador This little boy is so cute. Mama looks very proud of her new baby. Congrats on your new family addition at AAP.

Diana Thomas Awww look at mama smiling there. And baby boy is just so adorable. Do you have a name yet?

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