Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam 6/7

Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam

The Wild Animal Experience and Park

Supporters react:

Michelle Blais: Do you think that someone would put some hay where Taji can reach it as he keeps trying to stretch to reach the one April and Oliver are using?

Animal Adventure Park:  2 month old giraffes do not eat hay.

Laurie Howard: Hey Jordan Animal Adventure Park if April and Oliver have another baby we'd like to follow that event from conception to birth and beyond.. I crack myself up. These beauties have captured my heart and thank you is not enough. I even Adopted a Giraffe through the Giraffe Conservation Foundation, I believe 2017 will bring a definite turn in the right direction to save Giraffes in the wild. While you deserve the credit it certainly helps that April is not shy about her role as Giraffe Ambassador.

Joann Buck :Thank You for bringing back the cam I love our favorite family. Thanks to all of you I have learned and fell in love with giraffes. As we watched we were all learning about the life and birth of this amazing animal. Thank you for a experience of a lifetime I will never forget.

Helen- Bill Gioiosa: Taj was such a joy to watch today, he was so full of energy loved watching him running and jumping all around the pen. Thank you for brining the camera back It is so appreciated. They have stolen my heart, love April,Taj and Oliver. Looking forward to seeing some of the other animals on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Erica Tuminski: My mom and I drove 200 miles in the rain on Sunday to visit the park. We especially enjoyed meeting the two moms – Taj's and Jordan's. Thank you for providing this experience to so many people. All the animals are blessed to be in your care.

Wendy Ware: Had a dream last night. I drove from FL to Harpursville pulling a flatbed trailer with my car. On the trailer was my bed, bookcase headboard and all. It was set up like it is now. They let me pull my trailer into the giraffe barn. Guess I was going to bed down with our little family. I woke up laughing. Never too much giraffes!!!

Anne Maes: Omg thank u so very much me n my kitty r watching her I know he missed her he would sit n stare at my iPad off n on during the night at a blank screen he was so used to watching her … I told him hop up on the chair we will watch April he got up on the chair n was watching her on the computer lol

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