The Sound Of An Entire Minnesota High School Doing The ‘SKOL!’ Chant Is Awesome

If you don’t think Vikings fans are ready for the opportunity to play a Super Bowl in their home stadium being one win away, have this...

Back To School

Viewers reacted:

Joshua Bradley That’s a high school? What’s with all the light and open space? Where I’m from we learn in dimly lit buildings with bars on the windows.

Brandon Mirarchi That's weak! Eagle fans best in the NFL… you wanna hear loud fans!? Cya at the Linc tomorrow! And it's fly eagles fly!

Christopher Aaron Munday If the Vikings win it’s going to be thoroughly entertaining to read all of the “this shit is rigged!!!” Eagles posts.

Justin Baggyy I know a lot of the Philly fan base is unclassy and toxic as hell, but i expected the Vikings to be better, but as of this season, a lot have seemed super unclassy and beyond cocky.

Lydia Nizinkiewicz This BILLS fan is cheering for the Vikings!! Would be great for a team to play the Superbowl at home!

Matt Kehrer I wonder how many Vikings fans will be there if they advance? Do you think it’ll still be a neutral field because the tickets are so expensive?

Derek Lohr Alot of people claiming they have never heard the chant until last week!! Hell thats because they didnt have any fans until they stryed winning this year!! Minnesota is the new seahawks fanbase!!

Vincent Isiah Peguero High school in the inner city ain't got nothing on this shit. Like a 5 star resort to living in a 3rd world hut.


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