The Second Presidential Debate

The Second Presidential Debate.

The Second Presidential Debate – From NBC News, Decision 2016, the second presidential debate, here now Kate Snow, Good Evening, we are minutes away from the second presidential debate between Hillary Conto and Donald Trump, just over four weeks from election day and this has taken on more significant, admin a fires storm with newly reveal commentary by Donald Trump about women.
The Second Presidential Debate today candidates arrived at Washington University in St Louis, the setting for tonight`s Town Hall Style Debate, a bit of a supprise by Donald Trump. He held a meeting in ST.Louis with women who have accused Former President Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct in the past and some of those women are in the dabte audience tonight. The secon presidential debate, Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Wille, we have seen and spouses of candidates were introduced Bill Clinton and Melania Trump.
The Second Presidential Debate tonight they will watch from just off stage, Andea Mitchell and Hallie Jackson, Hallie, we will start with you, if there was any question about what Donald Trump would do tonight, that`s beeb laid to rest at this point, the woment in the debate hall just behind me now.
Can you see that Trump will likely go after Bill Clinton`s past Indiscretions, Former President in the audience tonight making for what wil be an extraodinary moment after the worst 72 hours of Donald Trump`s campaign, at this point there are real question marks from repulicans outside the campaign as to how this will essentially play wherether it will back fire for Trump, Dandrea to you if this happens what will Hillary Clinton do?

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