The Giraffe Cam Returns Today – April the Giraffe Update April 24th

Ready, Set, Watch! …and Vote!

The Giraffe Cam returns today, and every Tuesday from 4 PM – 8 PM Eastern. Why this time frame?

1) Soon the giraffes are outside, and you will be watching an empty stall, but with our closing daily at 5 pm – you will have hours of enjoyment while they retire for the evening. 
2) It allows us to capture the majority of our major fan bases (worldwide) at a relatively decent time in their daily routines.

Round 1 of the naming contest ends today at 7:30 pm Eastern.
The top ten most popular votes will be announced at 8 PM, and Round 2 voting will begin at that time, lasting 5 days.

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As for our BIG, little guy, he is doing absolutely great! You will get to see him later today!


The Giraffe Cam returns today,

April the Giraffe

Supporters react:

Brandee Eagles Since the giraffe was born in captivity… Will April still teach him the crucial skills to survive in the wild or is it different?

Animal Adventure Park April is 9th generation (we believe) captive born. Though "wild" as in not domesticated, their "new" world is one of a life of luxury – no lions, trusting people, etc. She will show him the ropes. 
Eventual reintroduction of species to the wild is a long process and is a "weaning" off of the giraffes dependency on humans and more onto nature. Sadly, we are far from that for giraffes at this time due to poaching and habitat loss in the wild. 
We must fix "A" before we implement "B".
Great Question.

Sherry DeSebasco Just when I was getting used to being "bored stiff".This is super, folks. Have some summer temps coming for about a week. They should love being outside. Glad to hear from you and to Dr. Tim: Who in the world is sitting on that doggoned egg.

Cynthia Caserta Ventura Oh thank you!! Can't wait to see Baby G and April and Oliver live again. I've missed them so much as I know all my fellow April followers have. Also can't wait to see Baby G going outside for the first time (he's been working on that door lock practically since Day 1). Plus I can't wait to see Baby G and Oliver being introduced…I'm so excited! Thanks again.

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Melissa Sharon: Omg im so excited you have just made my entire week and im sure everyone else we can't thank you enough and there are no words to express for people like me who have a chronic disease and in pain all the time something to look forward to if i ever won the lottery your one place i would send money just for all you've done thanks again.

Linda Charles: Awesome!! Sure do miss seeing the three of them! I'm not sure how my looking into what all the fuss was about a giraffe, became my addiction! I was only curious and figured I'd only look once, well that didn't happen! In all seriousness I myself feel like I know you all personally. (Jordan, Allysa, Corey and Dr. Tim) My husband and I plan on visiting sometime this summer. I wish only the very best for everyone at AAP! Jordan..your daughter is adorable!!!and your wife is beautiful. You are very blessed

Teri Antalek: So happy to be able to see our favorite giraffes in the world thank you for all you do and have done to bring these beautiful animals to the forefront and bringing the conversations of how important it is to save these gorgeous creatures from extinction…I know Ive learned a lot and have been able to contribute to this great cause. We'll be seeing you on May 14 

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Valerie Takacs: What a wonderful way to start the day! Thank you so much for bringing so much joy to so many people at a time when it is so greatly needed. God bless you all for your tireless efforts on behalf of God's beloved creatures, and thank you for sharing them with us! Can't wait until 4 o'clock.

Ev Maurer I am excited to see the cam back and I can appreciate the additional work the cam creates for you and your staff but I find myself a little disappointed that the cam will be up for only 4 hrs a week. I had hoped for 2 or 3 days a week for a few hours each viewing. Thanks for everything you have done and continue to do for all the animals at your park.

Susan Whittaker 4 o'clock can't come soon enough. I miss my giraffe family. All of you have impacted so many life's in so many different ways. I had my first ever surgery last Thursday and was scared to death. As soon as I climbed in that bed at the hospital I turned on the giraffe cam and was instantly calmed watching them until it was time for surgery. The nurses were looking when they came in and even the doctor while talking to me would keep looking over at my phone. If it wasn't for that cam I don't know how I would have dealt with that scary day. Thanks for everything you guys do and for sharing this amazing experience with the world.


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