The First Presidential Debate: Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump

The First Presidential Debate 

The First Presidential Debate – It`s time to vote for American and American First, American`s Destiny is our s to choose, we will make American Great Safe Again, we join together to get rid of the threats
The First Presidential Debate – We face, jobs, i will be a president for all American, for NBC news, decision 2016. The fist presidental debate, live from Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York. Here now Savannah Guthie and Chuck Todd, and Goodevening everybody, nice to have you with us. Chucs, after all the hype, all the prep, all the predebate gamesmanship for borht campaigns this is it.

We`re literally minutes way for the start of the first and all imfortant presidental deabte on stage behin us. We`re already seen the candidates tonight Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump arriving here a bit earlier this evening. They`re waiting backstage and Chuck, we`re had a moment tonight, President Bill Clinton is in the House and met Mrs Melania Trump. They jus shared that handshakes, we`re got the whole families assembled here
We do and i think on thing we ought to remember as bigh of personalties that they are, we know this is going to be a clash of big presonalities , this is also a clash of two competing vision of american .

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