The Fiona Show: The Fiona Phenomenon: Full Episode 6

The Fiona Show The Fiona Phenomenon

Episode 6:


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The Fiona Show The Fiona Phenomenon The Fiona Show 

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Fiona the Hippo Family Feunion: Episode 5 – Family Reunion

Supporters react to The Fiona Show The Fiona Phenomenon

Tia Hagnas Hippos – where cankles and triple chins are not only accepted, but found to be delightful! 

Lily Lottes Whenever work, or life, gets too stressful I just look at my baby Fiona. She always makes me smile. As much as I hope you always post a daily Fiona update I know one day these daily posting will end. That will be a sad day indeed. This little chunk of sass and love makes the crazy world go away.

Peggy Becker Never fails to amaze how many people love this little gal and say how she brightens the days and the lives of so many. Isn't that wonderful? And she has teally no idea of what good she does for people just by being the beautiful little creature she is. Thank you, Fiona

MaryJo Griego I just love this hippo and I am not only thrilled with the Fiona show but the fact that you all will be producing a calendar. I can hardly wait!

Susan Lafferty-Hurst We are coming to see you Baby Fiona all the way from Michigan! November 4th, my son Jimmy and I are driving down to the Cincinnati Zoo just to meet you! We can't wait 

Melody Stevens-Kent I hope these Fiona updates and pictures never go away. She is such a joy to follow. Thanks to Cincinnati zoo for staff for all that you do.

Cynthia Aldi I just love that little Fiona. From watching the birth, and all that humans did for her to help her survive is just amazing. Thank you so much for letting us see this little girl grow into being a hippo. XOXO

Renee White Do you ever wonder if she gets sad because she cant get to the visitors so they can pet her? I would have a hard time leaving here if they did… Just say'in

Liz Alcoba Beautiful Fiona. You always put a smile on my face. Was nice to see you especially today. I just finished watching some of the videos of the massacre that happened in Las Vegas.

Danielle Reese Just put in my Fiona tshirt order, second one. Needed the family reunion tshirt and the Tervis cup! I just love the little miracle baby! Can't wait to get to see her.

Joan P. Colbert I look forward to the next Fiona episode. I am so glad I can get lost in seeing her and mom and day as a loving, carefree family.


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1000 Questions on Fiona the Hippo at Cincinnati Zoo and Fiona Videos

Update on Baby Kendi Back Rhino and Mama at Cincinnati Zoo

Fiona the Hippo Update Today

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