The Fiona Show: Episode 3 – Bigger and Better

The Fiona Show Hippo

Grab your lunch and watch the cutest hippo on earth


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Supporters react to The Fiona Show Hippo

Catherine Matthews This little beauty has not only been fun to watch but I have learned about her anatomy and her buoyancy

Carolyn Shea Amazing story of a group of people who came together to save this little girl and help her become a "star". Thank you so much for The Fiona Show Hippo

Janet Knost Mowl Love the Fiona show. Love Fiona cutest hippo ever! Proud to say she is from Cincy

Brenda M McComas Up close and personal, that's my girl . Waiting on pens and needles

Laura Tomlinson Looking at that sweet face just makes my day

Barbara Peters Enwright She is always smiling! Gotta love a baby hippo

Wendy Cashman Swears She is so darned photogenic! And charming!

Samantha Adams It was obvious that a lot was going into Fiona's care, but watching the episodes really tells the whole story. It was really great to see all of the resources you pulled in. Thank you for your hard work and dedication 

Mary Ann Beckerich Froemming Just rewatched episode 2…you guys are amazing at what you do. Thank you for all these videos and information. We have learned so much!

Elizabeth Lopez Omg…..she's so adorable. I fell I love with her right from the start!! Thank you so much for sharing her life with us all!! I just want to kiss and hug her

Jutta Slade First, like so many others here, I am totally in love with Fiona. I am also so very impressed for the dedication these teams have to ensure her survival and then her happiness. Thank you all. I have learned so much watching this.

Michelle Cella I love watching her stories, but please put closed captioning on them!!! Even as an able bodied person it's hard for me to hear, and I would hate for anyone to not be able to hear her story.

Lynn Morgado God Bless her and her caregivers for the marvelous job all of them did to save her life. She is a sweetie …

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