The Fiona Show Episode 2: The Struggle – Fight to Keep Fiona Alive

The Fiona Show : Episode 2 – The Struggle

Take a look back at vet & animal care staff's fight to keep Fiona alive with help from Cincinnati Children's.


Supporters react to The Fiona Show Episode 2

Donna Chandler Thank you Cincinnati Zoo for sharing Fiona's journey. I am so proud of the care team for Fiona. You have set the standard for taking care of premature Hippopotamus. Congratulations on a job well done. As for Fiona, she will always be a star.

Kristi Rack I have so much admiration for the staff and all they did to help Fiona prosper – she brings such joy to me and I am truly grateful to you all for sharing the story of this little miracle.

Diane Kurto Fornadel What an exceptional group of caring individuals that work at the Cincinnati zoo and also Children's hospital of Cincinnati! Without all of those remarkable people, sweet Fiona would not be here today! What a very special video this is, to show and educate all of us, how they helped Fiona to thrive and continue to do well to this day! Kudos to all of you wonderful people!

Ann Middleton So glad i have seen Fiona from birth never knew she was so near to death on different occasions cant praise everyone who helped Fiona Wonderful thank you my hearts bursting 

Debbie Luck What an amazing story i never knew the struggles she went through–i can't begin to thank all of you and childrens hospital for doing everything you have done for the baby girl you are all just amazing–and this needs to be on animal planet to share this story with the world

Tanya Lynn Wells Beautiful Fiona is a true miracle. One question I do have, simply out of curiousity, is what caused the two scars on her left side? Where they the result of her being premature, or life-saving measures?

Wendy Breeze Thank you Cincinnati Zoo for sharing Fiona with us! And, thanks to Children's Hospital for their help! Her struggle and resilience as a preemie are amazing!! Cant wait to see her in person!

Darlene Quinn I love the videos of Fiona's life, but I sure wish everyone would talk louder. I have my sound all the way up on my PC and am having some trouble hearing everything that is being said. Otherwise, thanks for such great videos. Fiona is adorable and I am so glad she is healthy!

Violet Carter Everyone that helped little Fiona were just amazing, showing so much love and care. I enjoy this sweet girls journey, she is so special. She made so many people feel good in their hearts, at a time when I think everyone needed it. I love seeing your posts about her, just makes my day. Thank you for all your great care of sweet Fiona and all your animals.

Claudia Mae Richmond Thank you Cincinnati Zoo for working so tirelessly to help this little girl survive!!! I doubt she would have survived if she had born here at Knoxvilles poor exuse of a zoo.

Teresa Johnson Thank you so much for not giving up on this sweet little girl!!! She was a fighter and so were all the keepers, vets and tech. Children's hospital thank you for all your knowledge love and support!!!

Rosemary Flynn I think for everyone who has kept up with Fiona's story we all say thank you for keeping this sweet baby alive and well…and look at the progress she has made throughout these months

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Jan Loyd What a wonderful staff and awesome people who helped!!! I give each and every one of you SO much credit for saving this baby's life and allowing all of us to watch and love Fiona!

Wendy Packard This made me cry. I just love Fiona. Very cool. She's a miracle. What a great bunch of people that treated and cared for her. Thanks for all the pictures and videos. Can't wait until the next video

Kelli Arnette Thank you so very much to every who has been a part of saving this beautiful and sweet hippo. She is so adored by the world and we are forever grateful to you all.

Beth Payton Look how far little Fiona has come! What a tremendous effort by our awesome zoo and Cincinnati Children's. She's been a joy to watch grow.

Karen Marie Hogan These people are Gods angels here on earth! How Amazing!!!!!!! How much love and faith it must have taken to keep sweet Fiona alive!!! Thank you!

Miranda Philippen I had the sound on my computer on maximum and I could hardly understand them.. so please next time.. a bit more volume please.

Brenda Caro That was amazing…..the will to survive and the will of all her caregivers to help her survive. I can't wait to meet Miss Fiona at the end of September!.

Mandy Robinson So heartwarming and touching, and a true testament to never giving up by both the zoo/care staff, and this precious miracle named Fiona The perseverance in overcoming setbacks, and seeing that faith & hard work pay off with Fiona thriving is the greatest gift we should all cherish & learn from Thank you for the love & support to making Fiona the well adjusted, beautiful, and inspiring hippo she is today Love, LOVE these behind the scenes to get a fuller understanding on what was happening during that uncertain time Fiona truly is a gift that keeps on giving, and simply is love 

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