Update on Fiona the Hippo 9/11

The Fiona Show Cincinnati Zoo

Fiona sure knows how to pose for the camera! Look for episode 3 of the Fiona Show tomorrow at noon! 

Supporters react to The Fiona Show Cincinnati Zoo

Kim Underhill Potter They are so entertaining to watch. You never know what your going to see. Such sweetness all around. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I'm so appreciative of your updates.

Teresa Perry Miller She is a superstar and so precious

Darlene Camp I just want a hippopotamus for christmas, only a hippopotamus will do!!!! She so special 

Ann Parish She even knows how to tilt her head for the camera!

Fiona the Hippo



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Ellen Silverman She is so amazing — almost like she knows she is a star and loved

Justin Amrhein I hope she never loses that playfulness and sassiness.

Mary Donna How can a little hippo who does not have conventional beauty, have so much love exuding from her. What a gift she is to us.
God bless you, Fiona and your mom and dad.

Elizabeth Bradsher Cannady I was fortunate enough to catch a tiny glimpse of her on Sunday. She was beyond precious. I can't wait to come back soon

Sandi Euriech Juilfs Who would ever thought so many people would ever think a hippo as cute, sweet, and adorable!! Thank you for sharing pictures of this cute, sweet, and adorable hippo!! So many of us love her!

Catherine Hanes She's something special! Thx to all of you that helped her survive. A precious ambassador for hippos

Carrie Brooks She's beautiful and I hope you guys keep her and never ship her to a different zoo

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