The Atlanta Falcons get a BIG win on MNF

The Atlanta Falcons and Seattle Hawks Update

The Atlanta Falcons get a BIG win on MNF


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Viewers reacted:

Khalil Curry Walsh is trash, tf we have him for?

Raphael Arruda When it's time to kick the field goal they go for it. When it's time to go for it they kick.

Cory Heath He made a 46-47 yarder earlier by a few yards and you put him on a 52 yarder??? Not only that but you fake a FG to end the 1st half??? WTF was Pete thinking tonight?

Matthew Gonzalez Nowadays kickers can kick it like 70 yards out in practice. There isn’t a kick that I’ve seen, In recent memory, that hasn’t made it to the posts… most get shanked or veer off, but to not get enough under it? Rare these days

Orlanzo Etkins Falcons almost blew another one. Was really hoping they would.

Karen Gosa Perryman Why doesn’t Pete Carrol bite his tongue chewing that dam gum?

Myles Smiley At the end of the day the Seahawks are still only one game back of the Lambs and are ahead in tie breaker.

Joseph Boudreaux Sp we gonna talk about how lucky the failcons were or does that only work for certain teams?

Jean Michel Duval Maybe the Seahawks can get Andrea Pirlo to come out of retirement and come kick for them

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