10th Frist Days With April the Giraffe – The Animal Adventure Park

The Animal Adventure Park

Day 1

Wanted to share a quick photo of April and her large belly. We receive at least a dozen comments, messages, or other inquiries daily, to see if she has given birth yet. Trust us! You will all know when the process starts or she surprises us with a calf! We are as excited as you!
With the right timing, we will live stream the birth and process before and after. 

the animal adventure parkApril the Giraffe 

Supporters react:

Elizabeth Allard: “Not many ppl ask question about this so let me ask this. When they are pregnant in captivity is there a special diet you have to provide for her and the baby?”

Animal Adventure Park: Great question. There is no change in diet. Much like the wild, they consume the same food during the pregnancy. The captive diet we feed is specifically made for giraffes and other African grazers by Mazuri Diets. Her hay in take subtlety increased due to her body's needs; but nothing too extra.

Cricket Lesso I saw a minivan in Vestal the other day with a license plate reading GIRAFFES. Wondered if it's anyone affiliated with Animal Adventure Park.
Joyce Thompson: “Today our April march 9 th my grandaughters 16th birthday .Horray let's give her some more surprises today,Her Nani has been watching this from day one ,74 yrs old the excitement is overwhelming,I wouldn't miss a day.13 Grandchildren and 1 great granddaughter wowee I'm so proud so April maybe this can b the day .Hang in there girl we are all with you”.

Trish Lunder: “I have been watching your live feed With the most adorable giraffe ever. I want to thank her keepers for taking such good care and showing her love. To the female keeper. I love the love you have for April. I also look forward to your wave good night. Looking forward to witnessing the birth. Oliver is sweet to. Watching from Vancouver Canada”.

Day 2

Another week has passed, still no baby! April is exhibiting many signs of approaching the end of pregnancy and the beginning of labor, but still no accurate way to guess just when!

Remember to select to "Follow" our page so when we go LIVE for the process, you will be notified!

To keep things fun; lets play a game.
All correct guesses will be pooled together, and one winner will be selected! The Winner will take home their very own 4 Foot Tall Plush Giraffe.

Supporters react:

JoAnne Arsenault Curious: “How does this work, does a specialist have to come to the area when the birthing process starts or is it pretty straight forward ”.

Animal Adventure Park: “Over the past few months we have consulted with many other parks that have birthed giraffes, in addition to working with April's prior home to discuss her pregnancy/birthing specifically. Our vet, Dr Tim, a prior zoo vet at an AZA facility, has done everything possible to prepare also. There is not much we will do to be honest. We will bed down the birthing stall heavily to ensure soft landing; but then sit tight. If there is distress on mom or babies part, then we will intervene. Otherwise, we are going to allow April to naturally birth and rear her calf. In the event things don;t go as "planned"; we are prepared to jump in and possibly become "giraffe moms"! Great question and they are always welcomed! We want to educate our guests on the animals at the park but also about the behind the scenes and care they are provided. and yes Lori, we do hope to LIVE FEED the birth.

april the giraffe

Day 3

Big news from the giraffe barn!

Mammory development has begun (which is the final stage) and wax caps are visible to keepers!! 
Wax caps are off, and we have milk drippage

Though we are just a day from February; we are already building, planning, and acquiring for the 2017 season – which promises to be another great one!

Another 6-10 new species will join us; some critically endangered, as we begin to place new focus on the furthering of our conservation message, through interactive education.

Today our newest residents will arrive

Supporters react:

Amanda Canfield: “Yayyy monkeys, now i have GOT to make the two hour drive to come see. Monkeys have been my favorite animal since i was a child”.

Animal Adventure Park: Great. We had 3 primates species for the 2016 season, and that number will now be 5 species for 2017! African and South American species.

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Day 4

Going LIVE at 5:45-6 PM ish for Dinner Time Check on April the Giraffe

Supporters react:

Maria Simmons Such a beautiful sun set , and thank you for sharing this excitement with all of us. Best wishes to you April And Oliver and the caretakers on all your work even in the off season.

Sue Klen I wonder if you had any idea what you were in for when you posted this a month ago. I'm so sorry for the trouble some people have caused but you have to know you've brightened the daily (and nightly) lives of a lot of people who are scared of the uncertainty we live surrounded by lately. Here in Joliet, IL we get regular April updates from both tv and radio news.

With all the worldwide attention this anticipated birth is receiving I guarantee you the British royal family is jealous! But April seems to be taking it all in stride and not becoming the diva she could have. I'm sure that's due to the amazing family she has there keeping her happy, safe, healthy and humble. God bless all of you! You've made us all smile every day at a time smiles have been hard to come by. Thank you.

Laura Brad Kaz: Jordan, do you know if the baby giraffe is a boy or girl??

Animal Adventure Park: We do not.

Amy Miner Braman: If April wasn't expecting, would you normally keep them in the same enclosure inside, or still separate?

Animal Adventure Park: Still separate. Oliver is a young male; and likes to perform necking behavior. This puts stress on an unwilling participant (April). We didn't notice the behavior until After she conceived. But this is normal! Everyone THINKS a male giraffe alone is lonely… not the case. Males are nomadic and spend their time roaming and looking for females. Bachelor life. So, once April was bred he truly had no real interest in her … in fact he gets pushy at the feeding station and doesn't really tolerate sharing.Not a real gentleman – but natural.

Dr. Tim stopped in and snapped this shot while checking on April, he confirms….She's Huge!

Major kicks occurring today inside that belly

Supporters react:

Kelly Robert Preiser: Her belly has filled out so much in the past 3 days. Was there an ultra sound done to confirm just one baby? April, love you momma, hang in there.

Animal Adventure Park: Mobile ultra sound isnt able to penetrate the hide of giraffe. We initially wanted to go that approach to confirm pregnancy many months ago.

Nathan Frost: Can the Dr tell if calf is positioned ready for delivery? Both my kids were breach and needed to be flipped. Just curious if that is a concern.

Animal Adventure Park: Lets hope not! There is no reaching in and "flipping". Being very undomesticated, they have pretty easy going natural births without many issues we see in more domesticated species; dairy cows, horses, goats, certain dog breeds etc.

Karen Riley Holloway: Wishing her lots of luck! Can't wait to see baby giraffe pictures! Will the baby be able to stand and walk right a way?

Animal Adventure Park: Yes, 30-60 minutes after birth – baby will be up.

Maralena Dropp: Just curious, how much will the baby weigh? Love April and Oliver! Thanks for all the updates.

Animal Adventure Park: 150 lbs +/- and stand 6' tall.

Rosalie Scarangella: Just curious, is this April's first calf?

Animal Adventure Park: No, April has had prior calves, I believe 3, maybe 4

Day 5

A mother in waiting.

April has consumed little hay today and has been out of character. Staff will return this evening to spend it with her. We will keep you all posted.

Supporters react:

Sarah E. Vanhousen Its pretty sad that we have become a nation that needs companies to "sponsor" something as beautiful as the birth of another living thing…. that picture would be so much more without that stupid advertisement hanging on the wall.

Animal Adventure Park:Trust us; they aren't sponsoring the birth. They off set the over $10k in heating costs for one winter.Some members of the public do not honestly seem to understand the associated costs with keeping animals in safe and responsible conditions. For the few dollars we charge to have the amazing experience to hand feed these animals – we still are told we are ripping people off from a few special visitors each year. Our feed store bill annually could buy a nice home. Heating costs a nice car. Insurance a year at community college. Luckily the sign is easily photoshopped out. Much easier than it is to ask guests to pay more than the value of a cheeseburger in a restaurant to enjoy themselves at the park.

Katelynn West Hrywnak: Giraffe question- like humans, would a giraffe ever need to be induced if delivery doesn't occur on its own? How long is too long to be a pregnant? (Any mother would say too long!).

Animal Adventure Park: Giraffes average 15 months. Some go 14, some 16. They are very instinctive and will naturally birth. What we may think is a long and overdue birthing is all perspective from our guesses based on the observed "connections". If you asked April, she would tell you she is right on time… her time.

Day 6

A lot of motion in the ocean. Staff has been checking in all day, had a quick visit from Dr Tim, and Secondary Giraffe Keeper Corey will be spending the evening with April.You'll notice a lot of movements; some baby kicks and turns, some digestive motions, possible contractions!? We will keep you posted! We swear!!! We appreciate the dozens of daily emails and private messages about April's status; but will ask everyone to stay up to date with the page, we won't be able to respond to everyone. We will continue nightly posts. We do encourage your questions on the posts! Staff are happy to answer and help educate on the process; heck – we are all learning with this too.

April continues to be large and in charge (of this schedule)!

Still a lot of motion inside and her shifting her weight from side to side. She is happy to see staff and Dr Tim check on her so often; her great personality remains.

We choose a black and white photo this evening because we want you to weigh in: pink or blue?

Supporters react:

Jesie Shaffer:  Am I the only one that noticed April has a 💜 shaped spot?

Animal Adventure Park: We have had a few others mention it too!!! Not everyone notices.

Dawn Mewhorter: I haven't been there yet. Hopefully this summer. I've seen nature videos on TV, when those little ones come into the world it's a very rude delivery!! A 6 foot drop!!! But in nature I guess that is to jolt their system and get them breathing so they all can run if needed from the hyenas.

Animal Adventure Park: Very true.

Kim Sherbinko McAndrew Thank you so much for keeping us posted with her and her news. My daughter so loves giraffes she can't wait to see the new baby. And we think a girl because she already is being stubborn.

Cindy Miller: I have to say it is a beautiful picture and after watching her today, I really thought she would have delivered today, lol she had different plans or that little girl in her does. i actually thought with my novice mind she was ready.

Ellen Tolleson Do you cut the feed off when the vet comes to see her? Also, three days ago, or so, someone fed her carrots from in front of the camera. Since then, it seems that people have been interacting with her, but always from off camera. Why is that? I would love to see her taking a carrtot or interacting with a human in any way. But it seems all such things are made unavailable to us, including drinking water and eating from any other food station than the one she shares with Oliver — who is pacing and pacing and pacing. It is ery cold outside. I just walked a neighbor's dog.

Day 7

Keeper Allysa is in the barn for evening check and shared this video for you!

April is quite active and has quite the appetite! We don't expect a calf this evening. She certainly keeps us all on our toes.

In other news we have some exciting new species joining us in the next 2 weeks!

One of them a critically endangered mammal. We will join only 1 private facility in Pa housing them, and be the only private facility in NY for this species to call home. Just another step towards our transition to incorporating more conservation efforts to the park.

Supporters react:

Nathan Frost: Can you give us a hint by telling us what private facility in PA you are refering to as they only home to the critically endangered mammal?

Animal Adventure Park: Nooooooo. Surprises are fun.

Tiffany Ortiz: How long are they pregnant for ?

Animal Adventure Park: Approximately 14-15 months

Shirley Finch: Tonight there is a full moon. I wonder if that affects animals like it does humans? Maybe an old wive's tale?

Kim Hutto: April loves the camera!! We have a giraffe in our local zoo and the girl is always pushing aside the boy to get up in front of people's cameras or just to get attention. So funny.

Brian Gilliam: That be funny if april has her baby on valentine's day and if its a girl you'll have to name her valentine and it would be even more funny if april has her baby on my birthday the 28th and id be like wait i shear a birthday with a giraffe.

Dave Geer: I know it's become giraffe pandemonium over there but for us park lovers who were coming before the giraffe era when might we get an announcement on the critically endangered mammal you mentioned? Thanks!

Day 8

We are now LIVE in the giraffe barn via our Giraffe Cam!

Youtube Search: Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam
to watch the most current active link

This LIVE stream will be available for you to check and track our Pregnant Giraffe's Progress as we await a new calf.

Please share and help us tell the world, a baby giraffe is due in Broome County New York!

The cam may get choppy, or freeze on and off, but rest assured we will do everything we can to keep you in contact. Refresh the page for best results.

Live Giraffe Cam Info

Youtube Search:
Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam

This will bring you to the most current and active link to the feed.

New upgrades computer and Camera coming later today! Will provide better picture and streaming!! Bear with us!

Supporters react:

Marilyn Henry: Wow even live recording everything about her pregnancy labor and delivery. Want to see this lady giraffe up in the stirrups giving birth? Somehow I can feel her embarrassment. Must be some guy giraffe behind the camera who had this idea.

Kim Arthur: How many days in foal is she now?

Animal Adventure Park: Gestation is 15 months on average….she shows signs she is end of term.

Amy Lutterman:This seems like soooo long ago but, I have to say that I am glad she didn't have her baby back then! I have learned so much since I started watching & so has my family (wether they wanted to or not)! It just wouldn't have been as entertaining had we only gotten to spend a few days with you all! Thank you all for being you! P.S. I don't think I will ever find any giraffes that could ever come close to April & Oliver.

Animal Adventure Park: Might I say this was a community effort! We have had people, dozens and dozens) from local businesses, schools, colleges, and media outlets – reach out to lend a hand to make SOMETHING work. We finally were aligned with the right person and resources and we are extremely grateful.

Christine Guidelli: If April wasn't pregnant would Oliver and her be in the barn together in one place.

Animal Adventure Park: If she wasn't pregnant; he would be trying to mate and they would sure space. Once conceived; male giraffes have little to do with females. They are nomadic bachelors.

Day 9

April the Giraffe is looking bigger than ever! She is doing quite well and the pregnancy is progressing!

Join us on our Live Stream to check in on her and stay up to the second! We have viewers from all over the world tuning in to Animal Adventure – Harpursville, NY! Please share to spread the word!

Supporters react:

Kathy Hughes: I just read on the live cam that the vet said she is progressing well and it could be in to early march.

Animal Adventure Park: We expect a calf soon. The only comment about March was we would be shocked if she went that long.

Kathryn LaRosa: To me, she looked as she was in labor since this morning…but I must be wrong. She was lying on her side for about 1/2 hour this afternoon.

Animal Adventure Par: We have been tricked also.

Chris N Eri: I've been checking middle of the night AM.. afternoon!! Can't wait to see what she has ! Is it getting Close?!?

Animal Adventure Park: We think so.

Janelle Coolbaugh: I wonder what the vet said.

Animal Adventure Park: Vet report was positive. All natural progression. The live chat on the YouTube feed is very active and constantly updated.

Day 10

We will be FACEBOOK LIVE from the Giraffe Barn at 8:00 AM EST to address the removal of our Giraffe Cam from YouTube.

Upset Youtube has suspended the LIVE FEED for nudity & sexual content? LET THEM KNOW
You can thank Animal Rights Extremists for this issue.

Share this post so the millions watching know.

Supporters react:

Heather Manship Wow! The miracle of life gets banned from YouTube… but yet they have millions of videos showing people beating each other or screaming at each other.

Michele Dugan: My family had been watching since yesterday afternoon until I passed out around 1am. I cant believe these fruitloops had this removed. It brought awareness to MILLIONS. So many know so much more about the giraffe. Your IDIOTS UTUBE.

Patty Appelquist Pearson: Just wait until the little one is born and starts nursing. All the "anti breastfeeding in public" advocates will crawl out of the woodwork. Could someone knit a giraffe size nursing drape? We don't want anyone traumatized by the sight of a giraffe nipple. Geesh.

Laura Bodtke Holly Carp: People, don't you recognize sarcasm? Marley Wiggin, you're a hoot and a half – keep it up. (and yes, I know my first two words aren't spelled 'right,' but I wouldn't want to offend any namby pambys.

Barbara Cory: Did someone forget that sex is how almost all of us, plants and animals, got here? Why do you hate it so much? And keeping your kids from knowing anything about it is NOT going to make them turn out better.

Day 10

Good Evening Everyone!

First – thank you for your continued support of April and the calving process. We are overwhelmed by the amount of attention this has received.

Vet Update: Progression continues. We cannot confirm active labor at this time, however giraffes hide their signs as a natural instinct, that is why until we see hooves we will not announce active labor. Behavior is on point, mammary development is perfect! We are just waiting for the calf!

Due to an overwhelming number of requests to add a donation button to our pages etc, we will launch a campaign page soon to accept donations. Please note the facility is for profit, and the gift is not tax deductible. More info will be shared on that specific page. This is independent of the naming donation campaign that will begin post birth.

You will notice the youtube chat is down, as it is no longer an environment to foster true education in a safe space. For that reason – we will update our FB page each morning and evening with a status. The YouTube LIVE Giraffe Cam is still active without issue, for your enjoyment.

Due to the overwhelming number of emails and messages, we will not be able to answer, and the inquiries will need be purged to allow operation of our platforms.

Next check in will be 8:30-9 am EST. In the event of significant change – we will update and post immediately.

Soon enough – we will all share in the miracle of birth – and we appreciate your help and support thus far.

Supporters react:

Lori Jansen: This man started this endeavor and has cared for these animals OUT of his own pocket for years. He truly loves and cares for each of these animals and is the absolute best at doing so! Trust me when I say, $ donated would not be kept in this man's pocket as he has given his all toward the health, safety and quality of life for all the animals. I have seen him do so for the 10 years I've known him, and he has done so long before that… For what it's worth.

Cheryll 'marv' Duckworth: Well said Lori, it explicitly says that money generated will go towards offsetting the annual care of the giraffes, and anything over that amount will be used to improve the giraffe's habitat etc. Legally he has to state its a profit endeavour, and he's done just that, he's being honest and above board. People would soon complain if he didn't. Much respect to him and all those who care for the animals.

Pj Walker: When they first started this live video, it was strictly for educational purposes. They never once asked or considered asking anyone for money and still haven't. It was when it went viral around the world it went crazy. Total strangers were asking where they could donate. CBS Denver were the ones who suggested a GoFundMe account just for that purpose.

Animal Adventure Park: Yes.

Debra Eggert McNeill:


April is 15 – her 4th calf

Oliver is 5 – his 1st calf

They have some of the biggest pens in the nation. We take pride in our indoor housing and the level of enrichment and care to keep them happy and healthy.

The calf will weigh around 150lb and will be about 6' tall at birth.

The front hooves will come out first followed by the snout.

Mom will naturally raise the calf, with weaning around 6-10 months.

Once the calf is born, we will have a contest to name it.

The keepers will go in with April, clean her pen, give her treats (but not Oliver). He is a bull – and a bull is a bull is a bull!

Giraffes are pregnant for 15 months

The calf with stay with April for 6-10 months then be re-homed.

Those "things" on their heads are called ossicones.

Bulls (male giraffes) only really care about two things- fighting and the unmentionable….

They eat hay and grains but love romaine lettuce. Once in a while, they will feed April romaine right in front of the camera.

Kim Mathews:

I know you asked to not ask questions, But I really did try to research this before I came here to ask. I noticed that April was taking Olivers hay from his basket and sort of spreading it around her pen. I know this is not something that would go on in the wild, but is this a 'nesting' type habit that has been picked up since they have been bred in captivity? I have noticed that is where she will lay, but it seems when she is 'walking it off' she will move away from that area. Just an observation I was wondering about since we do know that habits can change from wild to more domestic or kept.

Animal Adventure Park:

Captive giraffes wean much quicker generally. The "time line" was provided to us from a number of zoological sources suggesting the expected wean age. We are in no rush – the calf leaves once weaned.

Never a stillborn. Ever.

Each giraffe has a solo feeder and then a shared feeder. She has always done these "hay" showers. Not a nesting behavior as they do not nest.

I am sure I missed some questions. My apologies.

Whether she has another pregnancy is dependent on many variables we do not know yet. Cart wa Captive giraffes wean much quicker generally. The "time line" was provided to us from a number of zoological sources suggesting the expected wean age. We are in no rush – the calf leaves once weaned.

Never a stillborn. Ever.

Each giraffe has a solo feeder and then a shared feeder. She has always done these "hay" showers. Not a nesting behavior as they do not nest.

I am sure I missed some questions. My apologies.

Whether she has another pregnancy is dependent on many variables we do not know yet. Cart way in front of the horse on that question.y in front of the horse on that question.

Mice can carry problematic concerns for species – and also their feces – but this is generally when there is an infestation or other environmental issue that would contribute to them being a carrier of something. Also a build up of fences is dangerous.

In our rural setting and mouse or two that may have been viewed on the cam – the health risks are minimal. Feed is stored, by regulation, so it cannot be contaminated.

Again both right.


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