Terrell Owens Trolls Fox Sports 1’s Jason Whitlock After Making It To Hall Of Fame

It took three years for Terrell Owens to finally get voted into the Football Hall of Fame and quite frankly, Owens should’ve been a first ballot HOF’er. The fact that he had to wait three years is blasphemy!

We’re GOLDEN!  https://t.co/cGcDqCgFER

— Terrell Owens (@terrellowens) February 3, 2018

Many took to Twitter to congratulate Owens including one of his biggest critics, Fox Sports’ Jason Whitlock, who’s long been an advocate of Owens not getting into Canton, but on Saturday, he decided to congratulate him anyways:

Congrats, man. Yes, I wasn’t a supporter but I sincerely hope this brings you joy, peace and a new level of respect. You were a tremendous football player. Be a good teammate to your fellow HOFers. Congrats. https://t.co/HcfIGzggb9

— Jason Whitlock (@WhitlockJason) February 3, 2018

Owens responded by politely telling Whitlock to ‘shove it’:

Kick Rocks.

— Terrell Owens (@terrellowens) February 3, 2018

Owens is second to Jerry Rice in all-time receiving yards and third in touchdown catches behind Rice and Randy Moss, who was also selected to the Hall of Fame on Saturday—becoming one of just six WRs to get in on their first try.

Viewers reacted:

Rob Stafford Hope they put T.O. in so it will be the last we ever hear from or see him again. Great player but an egotistical a-hole.

James A. Starrett T.O. no matter what you thought of him as a person was a gamer and unstoppable in his prime. He should have been in 1st ballot no question. It will be good to see him and Moss go in together.

Bobby Drake What's blasphemy is Joe Jacoby getting robbed again and again 3 time Super Bowl Champion

Keshav Pathak After 2 years of eligibility, this year being his third, he finally makes it to the hof. He should've been a first ballot hall of famer. Such disrespect! If I was him I wouldn't even show up to the enshrinement. smh

Timothy Grunkemeyer Anyone remember last year when he bitched and moaned about not getting in his first year? Yeah. I do.

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