Fiona weighs 622lbs today. That’s the equivalent of 4,976 moonpies!

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Fiona the Hippo current weighs 622lbs today. That's the equivalent of 4,976 moonpies!

1/16/ 2018 update:

Fiona only gets on the scale once a week now. Today she clocked in at 649lbs!! Go Girl!

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Fiona the Hippo Is Best Part Of 2017

Fans reacted:

Missy Sullivan Poppenger She is like the perfect comedian, everything she does is eye catching and incredible. Like she knows she has this huge following. And knows she has many fans.

Vicki Kerns She never ceases to amaze us. I have seen her do so many things that you would never dream an animal could do, let alone a hippo! I really attribute it to so much human interaction from birth. What a girl!!

Amy Elder Look how much bigger she’s gotten, body so long. I remember when she was at the bottom and really had to push off to get to the top! Not anymore! 

Mal Casper Can she get a video feed? Like that baby giraffe being born forever. Just like a lot of the time nothing will happen. But there’s some magic you could never anticipate. Pretty sure lots of people would pay for that channel.

Peggy Becker Love how she walks on her toes underwater. Her head looks like she should be swimming, then you find out she is actually strolling along. Pretty cute—and funny.

Mary Torok She is so dern cute!!!! i just love her water ballet, her different positions, looking at people… gosh i always said, the greatest thing God ever made was animals.

Holly Grantham Lagos Sometimes I get depressed and I look at Fiona and i’m instant smiles again! Fiona is just as much of a miracle for me as she is for the zoo and everyone who loves her.

Jym Ganahl like kids you want to keep them a baby forever – what a sweet baby

Greg Grubb A gift from god. It's been an emotional journey and now she's an INTERNATIONAL LEGEND and Ambassador for Animal Conservation and the Cincinnati Zoo. No better outcome, except maybe Henry living to enjoy? her too.

Melissa Mills-Constantine Wish we could see her when she is and Mom is inside when its to cold for them outside.

Ann Heinke Bedwell Those neck rolls look like she eats moon pies!

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