It’s been warm enough the last few days for Fiona to be outside

Move over royals, the people's princess in the US is Fiona! It's been warm enough the last few days for Fiona to be outside. Looks like tomorrow will be a different story.

Fiona the Hippo Is Best Part Of 2017



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Carole Axdorff I think Fiona just plain knows she is entertaining those peple behind that glass. What a performer she is, and so much personality. Some days she just brightens up my day. Love you Fiona.

Chelsey Behrman Does Fiona look for the people observing her in her enclosure because she's been around people her whole life, I've always been curious about that

Peggy Becker Fiona is so beauifully graceful and easy going. She flows so smoothly. And her coloring is more and more like her dear departed Dad Henry. Always a treat to see Fiona working out in Hippo Cove. Thanks.

Danielle Wilburn Clark Thank you for sharing her with us there's not a whole lot of future of me and my family ever being able to go see one in the wild but we are currently trying to get up there to see yours especially Little Miss Fionna Princess of the US!

Amy Schupska I LOVE her little ear wiggles!!! Will she be able to cohabitate with her mom through adulthood? What age are hippos usually full grown? Thank you for sharing her story!

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Georgia Green It has been so amazing to see how a little premature hippo has brought so many people together. She is the people's princess. Thanks Cincinnati Zoo staff , Fiona, Bibi & Henry.

Denise Liederbach A different story here in Wisconsin tonight. This morning tied the record high of 57,but cloudy. Hello Queen Fiona. You had fun swimmimg around outside for two days.

Debbie Cordes Even though Bibi may not recognize Fiona as her daughter, they seem so connected! Also, my favorite part of these videos is seeing the pure joy the onlookers are experiencing!

Sabrina Friedline At what age is she expected to reach her full adult weight and size? Is it known how she stacks up against other female hippos her age? I might assume that she would be smaller/lighter due to her premature birth

Terry Heverly You need to go to the Aviary and visit Vivian the sloth. The are calling it “the Vivian experience”. I thought it was funny because Steve’s Daughter is Vivian!??

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