Update on Fiona: Why is everything she does so cute?

Team Fiona Hippo 

Why is everything she does so cute?  FionaFix

team fiona hippo Team Fiona Hippo 

We finally got to see her yesterday after unsuccessful attempts all summer! So cute! She pestered her mama the entire time I was watching… just like a human young'n

Fiona the hippo and mom


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Supporter react:

Brenda Sandefur I have noticed how Fiona's parents don't seem to have this upturn in mouth, could it be a bit of imprint with constantly seeing her human teachers and caregivers big smiles to her and love Team Fiona Hippo 

Patricia Enestvedt She is such a precious girl. She has helped alot of people smile at her at time when there isn't much to smile about.

SN Torres-Viera Thank you for the updates, Because she is the new America's Sweetheart 

Diane Butler She likes people and she is full of life thanks to dedication of Team Fiona Hippo 

Stephanie Mccawley She’s has the best personality and I believe she got it from her care givers she is one in a million 

Hilary Hines-Butler God made he so cute to keep us smiling.

Jean Sykora Fiona, you're as cute as can be. You have more personality than a barrel of monkeys.

Joan P. Colbert Look at her, Fiona is as graceful as a ballet dancer. I love her!

Mary Ann Butcher Because she IS so CUTE!!! Love Fiona!!! (Puh-LEEZE issue the weekly episodes on a DVD)

Katee Gadette I will always remember seeing Fiona at the Zoo.
5 of us… It rained hard so the Zoo was quite empty.
We visited Fiona and Mommy up close at the glass for over an hour…
Fiona is Absolutely the
Most Adorable Ever
Mommy is Incredibly 
Cute also. A Great Mommy…. Love You Fiona.
I Pray for Fiona and Everyone daily…See you
again soon

Darlene Grigsby Who knew a Hippo could be so cute and photogenic. She could grace the cover of Zoo Illustrated (animal version of the sports illustrated

Liana Carbón She was adorable as a baby and she just keeps getting more and more precious and adorable as she grows. What's NOT to love about this sweet munchkin?

Susan Marie I just love Fiona. She has such a wonderful personality. How can you not love that beautiful face! Thank you for all the special care you give her. She’s a very happy hippo!

Cindy Walker Smith Can't wait go see Fiona Bibi and Henry at the end of October!! Great way to celebrate my birthday thanks to my wonderful husband who knows how crazy I'm for Fiona!


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