Update on Fiona the Hippo Cincinnati Zoo

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team fiona christmasIt smells like Skyline time


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She's not even a year old, but Cincinnati's favorite hippo found a way to unite us all through her struggle for survival.

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Supporters reacted:

Amy Schaefer Fausz Oh for me? Thanks think i will check it out and see if it taste good or maybe at least bite it to where i can find what is inside but either way i am happy.

Kelsey Hale Just one look and I can just get Thane to rewrapped it before mommy finds out. I Wonder if Kendi got the same thing.

Brigitte Huffman Prosch If they want a Hippopotamus for Christmas, they are going to need a bigger box than this one!

Kacie Hacks If you want a Hippopotamus for Christmas… You better get a bigger box.

Kharma Mullins You can't have a hippopotamus for Christmas, I'm too big for the box now !

Shauna Perkins Harsley Wonder if I shake it if Mom would know!! Guess I better put it back under the tree

Rhonda Florence "Don't want a doll. No dinky tinker toy. I want a hippopotamus to play with and enjoy"

Susan Walsh Wagers Fiona, singing in her head, as she looks at her gift….."I want a hippopotomus for Christmas!!!"

Dana Smith So my boyfriend got home while I was watching the special (for the second time in a row) and told me he was giving me an early Xmas gift, he ADOPTed Fiona for me!

Kathy Whiting Great job sharing Fiona's story. She's such a joy which is something I never thought I'd say about a hippo

Kimberly Maloy Can’t wait to get back to Cincy to see her! Many hours spent at this zoo as a child myself and with my kids when we lived there.

Liz Alcoba Oh my goodness!!!! Love the story. Hope to see her one day. Greetings from Peoria, AZ

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