Fiona loves giving kisses to your kid – Fiona the Hippo Update

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This may be the cutest thing you see all weekend.

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Team Fiona

Fiona the hippo is the only reason 2017 didn't completely suck


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Fans reacted:

Holly Anne Walker So sweet… I don’t ever want to hear animals don’t have feelings or souls again, look at this! Every being is capable of loving

Michele Webb Oh my word!!! Fiona even has her eyes closed!!! She is just too adorable. She clearly learned what kisses were from all her care takers loving on her from birth. How awesome is that!

Estella Bunny Howe Oh my, I swear Fiona thinks she is a "people". This is adorable. God bless our little baby girl Fiona. She has brought so much laughter and love to 2017. Best thing that happened all year.

Casey Hutson There’s something extra special about Fiona. She’s so appreciative of her caretakers for saving her life, you can just tell how much she loves people.

Barbara Pope Mueller More than all weekend Cincinnati Zoo. This pic sums up Fiona’s love and thanks for life and the humans who nurtured her back to health again. This is what giving back, is all about.

Gloria Heise This is the precious thing I have ever seen. Fiona is a superstar and she knows how to love. Look at her kissing this sweet little girl. A photo to cherish her entire life. Fiona changes lives and should be considered an ambassador of her breed.

Patricia Gomien Melson Amazing! Big thank you to all the wonderful folks at the zoo who saved this amazing animal and made her into the wonder she has become! She is so fun to watch!

Patti Albro It seems as though Fiona has a special connection with people! Probably due to the loving care she received right from the start.

Lisa Francescone Oh Little Fiona! You are a huge ambassador for the zoo! Do you have any idea how much you are known and loved!!!!

Jennifer Hardin Bergin I think Fiona knows how much she is adored and she just wants to give back as much love as she has been given.

Marintha Knight What a beautiful picture, capturing pure innocence, affection and love. This should be on the cover of Fiona's next calendar.

Margo Harkreader Such an a amazing bond with people! Yes, I know she was hand raised as a premie. It will be interesting to track her interactions as she approaches her teen years and maturity.

Jim Bastian Deb here: Thank you for sharing this picture of Fiona and her new best friend. This has put a smile on my face. I just love Miss Fiona.

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