Fiona Hippo Update: She’s officially over 600lb

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She's officially over 600lbs! The scale read 610lbs for Fiona today!

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Baby Fiona the Hippo

Fiona the Hippo Is Best Part Of 2017


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Fiona saying hello

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Fans reacted:

Regina Lovett That look though..not sure she wanted her weight announced to the world!

Holly Grantham Lagos I can’t believe she was born at 29 pounds and has gotten to 600 !!!! I love Fiona!

Julie Hanselman I recognize her adorable face though! She is unique!

Anita Roy Gordon So cute and just a baby. keep growing pretty girl. Love you!

Haydee Marilu Rodrig This adorable rascal knows exactly when the camera is on her! Will you still be sharing videos of whatever will keep her entertained until the spring?

Linda Graham I hope we will still get Fiona updates and photos through the winter. I would really miss seeing her, Thank You all for a wonderful year of Fiona. She has been a guaranteed Smile everyday, and I just LOVE her, 

Vicki Crabtree The zoo will need to send us daily pics from inside–we can't go without seeing our feisty little miracle every day!

Katie Adams I wanna Fiona-potomus for Christmas – only Fiona-potamus will do!

Kathy Wynne Rossell Hi sweet baby! Fiona just brightens my day! Such a sassy girl! I was blessed to have seen her on Saturday and it was such a joy! She is a rock star! Thank you Cincinnati Zoo for all you have done for her!

Destiny Ann Fiona has really brought a lot of attention to hippos. I know I never really paid attention to them before her, but now I find myself looking up information to learn more. She should be the hippo ambassador 

Aissatou Sunjata Thank you for sharing with us the last views of FiBi outdoors. Those of us miles and miles away can't possibly make it by tomorrow. We'll try for Spring through Autumn 2018 though. Bye Fiona and Bibi both of you enjoy the indoors from now on. Care Teams get ready! Fiona is no ordinary hippo and Bibi is a Momma who is not to be messed with. Both loved. 

Nathan Lindsey I've been wanting to make the 5 hour drive, but haven't got around to it. Probably won't get the chance to see her until next Spring.

Carlene Zunker Hi Fiona enjoy your day out. Please send updates on Fiona & Bibi when you can. Love you Fiona, will miss you until you can come out again to play. Hope you a have a great Christmas

Cindy Babcock There she is….missy show stealer..ha ha!! She knows everybody loves her!! Bibi appears to lay back and like any other mom enjoys a little break from Fionas antics directed only at her. Ha ha…That sweet toddler is a total diva and must have allll the attention
I love her and Bibi so much! Ty to the staff there. I have learned so much about not only hippos but many other species. 

Beth Caldwell Tharp I had hoped to see her one last time before it became too cold for Bibi and Fiona to be outdoors. I can't even imagine how big she will be in the spring!

Kathleen Connors Fiona, you'll be a teenager by the time I get to see you again in the spring! Can't wait to make another road trip from Wisconsin once the weather warms up again

Louise Adie She's looking a bit more grown up these days! I'm guessing her water antics will keep her young forever! 

Suzanne Wolf Over 600lbs in under a year? That is amazing, and reflects everything that I know to be true about how fantastic our zoo is. Well done, Fiona, Bibi, Henry (RIP), and caregivers! You all make a great team.

Jeanne Matson We just got to see her for the first time yesterday on a lovely, balmy December day! We were so happy to watch her playing in the water with Bibi! And the lights were beautiful!

Donna N Danny Allen Poor Henry, Hope Bibi and Fiona are doing well considering the loss of Fiona' dad. Fiona is a precious gift that all of the world gets to watch, grow and fall in love with. Rock on baby.

Cinzia Dei Cont She's so adorable!
I am so happy she's with her mom, Bibi. 
Rest in Peace, Henry, Fiona is in good hands.

Estella Bunny Howe She is adorable. Still so tiny compared to her Mommy who I believe is about 3100 lbs. So glad to see that Fiona is so healthy.

Pat Murphy Geils Fiona is so cute! You guys are amazing to have saved her and now she is THRIVING!! I love how we are celebrating weight gain! Yeah!

Team Fiona Christmas Sweater


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