Fiona Update: Fiona Will get to Go Outside Every Day This Week

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Looks like there is a chance Fiona will get to go outside every day this week! It needs to be at least 50 degrees for the hippos to be outside

team fiona bumper sticker

Fiona the Hippo

Supporters reacted:

Joan Doyle Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, look at the water coming off her rolls–it looks like one of those Elizabethan collars (and would match a tutu perfectly!!). I love Fiona.

Lily Lottes It looks like the little ham is smiling knowing the camera is on her. She is so beautiful, so full of life and sass.

Sara Frease She’s such a character. Love this picture. It’s like she has a crystal necklace.

Douglas Spahni Is there pool heated! All Celebrities have heated pools. 

Amanda Dietz The way the water is dripping makes it look like she has an elegant outfit on 

Doppler Deb The water in this photo make it look like Fiona is wearing a fancy tutu for water ballet this week! 

Pam Tynes She will like that….love the water droplets falling off of her! A real 'motion' picture!


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Wanda Cole Our little star Fiona and her loving mommy Bibi. I know your daddy Henry is looking down on both of you with love.

Renee Gauthier Wainscott I was lucky to see both Fiona and Bibi this past Saturday. Bibi was doing laps in the water like a Olympic champ. Fiona preferred sun bathing and eating. Love the excitement of the crowd when they are out.

Arlene McKinlay Stobinski How do I love Fiona? Let me count the ways. . .She is a very special soul, is Fiona. She fought to live and had the best possible caregivers to help her succeed. The caretakers were wonderful about sharing her progress. It was evident from the get go that Fiona was just that, Fiona, one of a kind. She has brought such great joy to so many people all over the world. It seems like she is always smiling and enjoying life 

Dawn Sousa When you share a pic of her by herself, she looks SO big. Then next to Bibi she looks like a little peanut. Even so, glad to see her growing and thriving!

Candi Miller What a good picture the way the water is on her it looks like she has her bathing suit on lol. What a great way to start my day is to see Fiona u put a smile on my face and make things so much better., U are so loved Fiona all around the world thank u for sharing this pic…

Kathy Wynne Rossell What an adorable picture of our Beautiful Miss Fiona! She is always camera ready and so photogenic! Love her! She alway makes me smile! 

Debb Finch Looking at her sweet face sure takes away everything that's wrong with the world these days!! You rock Fiona!

Cheryl Maros I swear…. The next time I go see my brother, John Maros, in Louisville we are driving to Cincinnati to go see Miss Fiona!

Alice Fay Lesser Yeah so happy that the weather is cooperating,and the animals get to spend quality time outside. Thank you Lord.

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