Fiona is creeping up on 600lbs vs Her Mom weighs a whopping 3,500lbs!

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Fiona is creeping up on 600lbs but that's a fraction of what she will weigh when she's full grown. Her Mom weighs a whopping 3,500lbs!

fiona hippo birthdayFiona HIppo and Mom


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Fans reacted:

Phyllis Carlino It’s always so good to see her. How are she and Bibi doing since Henry passed away. I miss seeing Henry. It seems his illness came along so quickly and then he was gone. He had the best of care. I hope he knew that Fiona was his little girl.

Holly H Davis Fiona is doing her very best to mimic Bibi. Those strides and faces say "We're bad, We know it! And here's how we show it!" These two are so suited to each other.

Carol Eberhardt Look at the dainty pose with her leg just so like the celebrities ! So sweet this Mom and me photo 

Carol Carothers She looks so happy and healthy now. We live in Florida now, but we really enjoy seeing what Fiona does and how she's doing. Thanks guys. You all do a great job up there!

Stacie Pheffer-Burge I wish you would make Fiona ornaments. Just thinking about the song “I want a hippopotamus for Christmas.”

Tracy Collins Fiona was part of our Thanksgiving dinner conversation so later that I night I spent some time online looking at other baby hippo pics and getting some other info on hippos. Frankly, Fiona is absolutely, THE cutest baby hippo on the world-wide-web!

Elaine Wilcox Magoteaux What a fantastic picture! 
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Karen Kay Masters This is a perfect picture of them. So sorry Henry couldn't stay with us for a while longer, to have enjoyed his beautiful daughter.

Christene Suzanne Chambless She is the feistiest and most playful baby Hippopotamus….. miss personality plus!!! I think it was because of being hand raised by sooo many that loved her!! Thank you for sharing her with the rest of us!! I hope because of her celebrity she has helped all of the animals at the zoo with the funds she brings in !

Cindy Babcock Omg…tiny!! Bibi is so big next to her and no one will ever mess with her baby or they will see what wild hippos can get like even without a baby. I love themboth!

Kristy Blatt Saw this and for a second I thought Fiona was as big as Bibi! She blended in so well. Such a cute baby! Make Fiona stay this stinking cute!

B J Bannister Jewett I have learned so much about hippos (and fallen for them) by following Fiona. Such a great thing you're doing.

Sandra Dickey Simmons She is so cute, we weren’t able to get to Cincinnati this summer to see her, will hopefully see her in the spring.

Sherrie June Foxen Mason She still.has her"girlish" figure. A beautiful pic of mother and daughter! Henry would be so proud !

Rosie Stovall I'm so happy Bibi accepted Fiona so well, especially after Henry passed. Caretakers did a great job.

Kathy Wynne Rossell Growing strong baby girl! You are still small compared to your mama! Love sweet Fiona! 
Beautiful picture of Fiona and Bibi! 

Debbie Scheidt Went to zoo today was hoping to see her NOT. Zoo administration when can you start making baby Rino t shirts he is so adorable I want one I took great pictures tonight of him do you know where I can have them put on a t shirt

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