Tajiri Update on Good Morning America Today 11/9

Tajiri Update on Good Morning America

Is April the Giraffe pregnant again!? "I cannot confirm nor deny the possibility of another pregnancy!" Animal Adventure Park owner says.


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Is it time for another giraffe cam? Speculation grows that April the giraffe, who captivated the world last spring as social media viewers anxiously awaited her giving birth, might be pregnant again

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Our "little guy" is no longer LITTLE!

Join us for a Tajiri update on Good Morning America, 11/9/17 around the 8:30 am eastern mark for a LIVE broadcast from Animal Adventure Park with your favorite Giraffe Family!

And maybe a surprise Animal Guest Appearance!

Supporters reacted to Tajiri Update on Good Morning America

Deborah Ann Smoot If you don't want to watch…DON'T. 
It's as simple as that.
But don't knock those of us who enjoy this beautiful break from politics and violence and nuclear threats. Oh, btw, I have a life. Thank you. I am not glued to the cam, but I enjoy popping in on the G family. They're beautiful 

Steve Dref God bless you Jordan, AAP is the best, if you have not been to the park, make plans to visit, it’s the best! Come visit the giraffe cam and watch this baby grow everyday. You will love it!

Susan Marie To our friends at GMA:
I believe that we have all been brought to the Animal Adventure Park for a purpose. 

It may be to donate, motivate, to offer prayer, find new friendships, to be educated, educate in return, learn to conserve, to spread the word or to help children in need, no matter where we live. There is a need and purpose to call this home.

We are all drawn to this special team. From the thrill of heading down Martin Hill road, the mounting excitement as you see the sign, to the willingness to wait in line with the wind coming up over those beautiful New York mountains, because we know what lies beyond those doors. 

It’s the magic that you see on the cam, it’s the Tuesday/Thursday’s adventures with Jordan, but it’s more than that….If you just stand beyond the entrance of the doors and look at the park and the views, you will embrace a sliver of heaven that touches your soul.

It’s the special invitation from the friendly welcome and smiles when you enter the barn, to people behind every register, carrot & lettuce booth, food stand or keepers of the animals that share the same passion you do, that draws you in. 

It’s the feelings that not only were you waiting to get there, but they were waiting for you to come. 

It’s the cleanliness of the park, the love the staff has for the animals and each other. It’s the environment that has been designed for each animal. It’s the excitement the animal’s show for each of its trainers. It’s the emotion in Jordan’s voice when he speaks about his park and employees. That’s what Jordan, Colleen, Ava and the Animal Adventure staff bring to all of us. 

We are a large group across the world willing to come together to support Jordan Patch, because he is a superior zookeeper, entrepreneur, trainer, teacher, dreamer, conservationist, fundraiser, healer, builder, humble, passionate, humorous, selfless, compassionate, person, father and husband. He is an individual that is loved across the world for not only what he has accomplished, but for what he gives back. He had a dream, but gives the world an adventure. You won’t find a better person than that.

Thank you for all you have given us, Jordan.

Thank you for Ava’s Heroes and the New York tourist award! 

You and your team work tirelessly to provide enjoyment for the public and conservation of animals. 

I hope that GMA continues to spread your message.

Jo-Anne Et Gavin Wonderfully put! I visited in July and I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep the night beforehand I was jittery with excitement as we drove through the beautiful countryside and into the amazing place that is Animal Adventure Park! Thank you Jordan and all of the wonderful staff for all that you do!

Cassie Lynn Scalf OBrien Very well said and I couldn't agree with you more. Thank you Jordan for everything you do for the animals and for the fans. The world is a better place because of you, your wife, your daughter and everyone at AAP.

Selena Weese​10 feet tall?? how did our baby boy grow up soo quick!!!!???

Julie Spriggs​that was awesome thanks Jordan love watching it  on TV as well as the laptop

LilJosieLeAnn​ He didn’t say  she’s pregnant he said he can’t confirm or deny that she is meaning he doesn’t know for sure don’t twist his words

Karen Hulse Thank you GMA for taping and sharing our lovely April and Oliver and Tajiri and Jordan and Allysa and anyone else at AAP Im so looking forward for the Yes for real we are having another baby and hope you all cover it again Thank you

Kandy L Jones OMG I LOVE IT Jordan you are so amazing and everyone at AAP I love you all and i love being able to see April, Tajiri and Oliver I can't say it enough you all are amazing,wonderful,awesome,so loving, so caring i just LOVE you all and everything you do every day. Thank You So Much

Jessica Viti I follow April and followed her pregnancy, it was wonderful if she is pregnant again … I will be watching with excitement… so beautiful!! Jordan is just amazing !!

Penny Richards We better be able to see it or we will all be living in park.she can't have a baby without the world yelling push April push.

Bonnie S. Townsend Thank you very much GMA for staying in touch with Jordan at Animal Adventure Park and sharing this video for all to see.

Christina Mor I think she may be pregnant. Whenever it happens I will surely watch again same as I did while she was pregnant with Tajiri. Let's have a girl giraffe this time April

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