Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Live Cam Today

Tajiri the giraffe watch online


Let's check in on April and family at Animal Adventure Park

Supporters react:

Cindy Nickerson I was obsessed about waiting for his birth. Night and day, sleeping at intervals. Thankful I got to see the birth as it was happening. For me, a once in a lifetime.

Jackie Dupree  I never thought I would see them again. So wonderful. My son drew a picture when he was born of April hissing her babies head. If you are interested let me know he sells them and it is precious.

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Rebecca Leonard ·She is teaching him to respond to commands and hand signals. He is doing do well. Its going to break her heart when it comes time for him to be moved to another location

Brandi Collins ·When you have a chance go to April live you tube and go into the live chat and they will telling you everything and Jordan goes on to answer your questions too, mon-friday 9am-1pm, very informative.

April Zoettlein Tomorrow is my birthday and I wished I could see Taj and April and Oliver, but my dad won't take me to see them because they live too far from us. so I won't have a happy birthday tomorrow.

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