Tajiri the Giraffe Running and Trying to Steal Carrots from April! Lol

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Latest photos on April and Tajiri the Giraffe Today

Taj trying to steal carrots from April! Lol


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Diane West Harris So glad that AAP were able to acquire these two! If I'm not mistaken, these two gators were brought to AAP because they were confiscated from someone who was keeping them illegally? Am I correct, or did I just dream this?

Brandi Anderson Seen them Friday ..I am from lisle… So it was very neat to see them in person… And I couldn't believe how big lisle was.

Deborah Petitpas I'd like to know how some of you pigs would react if someone was talking about your daughters and granddaughters that way.

Gayle Maki Does this cute guy clean out April, Taji and Olivers stalls now? If it is, he is very good with them.

Brenda Rising How long will he be able to go in with the bears AAP??? Makes me nervous even though they are "playing"!

Animal Adventure Park This is likely the last season of shared space. Our bears are still cubs/juveniles. Soon they will reach maturity and the dynamic will likely change.

Patsy Matthews Last year when the bear was a cub he played while we watched it was amazing he still is amazing with them and your employees are so amazing to interact with everyone just like Jordan they LOVE there Jobs.

Kimberly Jo I would LOVE to go in with these bears. Just one time. We took my 96y 8m young grandpa to AAP Friday and he had a great time. I wish he had been able to see the bears playing with the workers.


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