Tajiri the Giraffe Running and Kicking His Legs Out

Tajiri the Giraffe Running and Kicking His Legs Out

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April the Giraffe


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Tajiri the Giraffe

Fans react:

Linda Mae Sprague Thank you, Jordan and Adventure Animal Park for sharing all that you do taking care of these magnificent creatures. God bless you all in your next endeavors. Thanks so much for sharing April and Oliver with us through her pregnancy, birth of Tja and beyond. We love and all

Karen Hulse They are just so cute and yes momma wasnt happy. Thank you again for another great learning lesson. I would watch you and Alyssa and Corey and Lucas and the rest of your staff daily You guys are the best

Carlene Zunker Cute, boy mama did not like you having her babies, she was happy when you put them down. Thanks Jordan & AAP for sharing these stories.

Kelly Cole As a scout leader of 17 girls and a very limited troop budget, it would be helpful if scouts at least got a discount for this event. Otherwise it's hard for troops to afford it, especially when you don't even allow group rates. The Binghamton zoo allows scouts in uniform free admission on their scout days.

Animal Adventure Park Kelly – Just to clarify – this is open to all children and not just the scouts — it is our own Scouting Series – The Adventure Scout – so while we appreciate the many boy and girl scout troops that attend – it would be an issue to grant discounts for some kids and not others when all are there for the badge.

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