April the Giraffe Best Funny and Tajiri the Giraffe Questions

April the Giraffe Best Funny and Tajiri the Giraffe Questions

Funny story. Blast from the past. Which I'm reminded of by waiting for April the giraffe to give birth
My first pregnant foster dog. Mind you, it was my first and the first in the rescue. This was many years ago.

Thankfully internet did exist. I did hours of research, watched probably 100 videos of a dog giving birth. I printed up a 2" thick file of paper to refer to when the big day happened!

tajiri the giraffe quiz

tajiri the giraffe


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Well dummy me, who had a prego dog who never exhibited signs of being in labor. I get up in the morning and we immediately engage in our normal routine. Let soon to be mama out to do her business while I watch, blind as a bat without my glasses in total darkness, at the patio door for her to come back in.

Which she does in short order. With something in her mouth. Which I stupidly start screaming about her having a baby rabbit and try to take it away. Which she found offensive. Thankfully she wasn't obnoxious about finding it offensive. Once in my hand, I realized it was a puppy.

Which she wasn't supposed to have for 2 more weeks!
Candid camera would have had a field day with this. I gave the puppy back to her and she trotted (pretty much did the 50 yard dash) upstairs and under the bed in the guest room. On the pretty cream colored carpet.

Which is where she decided to give birth to the next 6 puppies. Because I was inexperienced (and stupid) I let that happen and got my neighbors to come help me move the mattress and box springs.

tajiri the giraffe quiz

April the Giraffe

Thankfully, Mama did not need my assistance. Looking back, it was not needed nor welcomed. She would have been far happier to not have me in the picture at all
I laugh now to remember trying to wrestle that baby out of her mouth, thinking she was trying to kill it.
While I am waiting for the birth of Aprils offspring and reading stupid comments about inducing labor and doing a c section, I am reminded that Gods creatures have been giving birth on their own without assistance for many years. No doubt April will do the same. It can't be fast enough for the world. So let's Rock and Roll April

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