Tajiri the Giraffe Pictures and April Family Best Story Today 

Tajiri the Giraffe Pictures and April Family Best Story Today 

Taj: Forward, 1 and 2, and 3, and 4, and back 1, and 2 , and 3 and 4 and left 1, and 2, and 3. and4 and right 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and forward…..
April: Taj What are you doing?
Taj: I am practicing my playtime!
April: Your playtime?
Taj: Yes Mama, I like my playtime with Auntie Allysa! It is really fun!
April: You two have been playing a lot recently!
Oliver: I noticed that you have been getting extra attention lately son. How come I am not getting that attention too?
April: Now Oliver, don’t be jealous of our son!
Oliver: Well, Allysa has never spent that much time with me!
April: Probably for a good reason Oliver. As I recall, no human can trust you long enough to be near you for any length of time before you attack them!
Oliver: Hey I resent that! I am just keeping everyone on their toes! I want to make sure they are paying attention to me!
April: Oh Oliver! Does it always have to be about you? (Sigh)
Taj: Mama, when Auntie Allysa plays with me, she gives me lots of kisses and I like that. (blushing) I am practicing so I can get more kisses (giggling)
April: She gives me lots of kisses too and I like them as well son. When you were still in my belly she used to kiss my belly every night to say good night to you.
Taj: (eyes getting big) She did?
April: Yes son, she did! She loved you even before you were born. She would pat me on my tummy and you would kick out and she could feel your kicks!
Taj: Wow! I did not know I was kicking Auntie Allyssa. I just would hear a thump and I would thump back! That is so cool that I was talking to my Auntie Allysa before I was born!
April: That is so sweet son. You were talking to each other. And you were kissed good night every night at bedtime.
Taj: Now we dance every night. We go forward, back and sideways and I get kisses and treats when I do it right! (blushes)
Oliver: Hey son, why don’t you share some of those treats?
Taj: Auntie Allysa gives them to me and they are sooooo good! Yum!
Oliver: But you could share!
Taj: But I work for those treats Dad ….. (whine) They’re mine! (stomps foot)
April: Son, you have to watch that kicking! I saw you kick at Auntie Allysa the other day! We keep warning you about that! You can really hurt her or anyone else with your kicks!
Oliver: That is right son! Our kicks are very powerful! That is why no one comes in with me. I am too dangerous. You are a bull giraffe too and you do not want to grow up to be where no one will come into the stall with you because you kick out!
Taj; But Auntie Allysa was touching my legs and it felt funny! 
April: You have to get used to all kinds of touches. That is part of the deal that we have in exchange for our home here. We are given this beautiful home and all the food we can eat and wonderful snacks of carrots and hay and lettuce. In exchange, we let Uncle Corey, Mr. Jordan, Auntie Allysa and Dr. Tim and other staff people touch us and work with us. 
Oliver: That is not a lot to ask of us. We are so lucky to be here at Animal Adventure Park. It is the best place to be. We are loved and cared for by very kind people. We could be in much worse places. Be thankful that we are here in this wonderful place. 
Taj: Hmm I guess I better pay closer attention to all that Auntie Allysa does and not try to react so quickly. 
April: That is a great idea Taj. Your play time with Auntie Allysa is actually your training time to learn the things that are needed to successfully stay here and be cared for by the park staff. So pay attention to the lessons and learn well. 
Taj: My play time is fun! I like it and I love my treats and kisses so I look forward to it each day! I also love Auntie Allysa and want to do everything she tells me! 
Oliver: Great idea son! Listen to your Mama and your Auntie Allyssa.
Taj: And forward 1 and 2 and 3 and 4……

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