Live Cam Today: April and Tajiri the Giraffe 9/28

Live Cam Today: April and Tajiri the Giraffe New York at AAP

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Fans react:

Amy Thurston Jordan, in sharing your animals in such a personal way to each of us, you have given us even more reasons to love the animals, thanks very much !

Eva Jones What can I do to have my Drake be less aggressive? He lets me pet him but he always has his Mohawk up when Im near him and if my arm gets in front of his face he will bite lol.

Samantha Ramos I love how your so informative about all your animals Jordan Patch ,,, I  watching you talk to educate all of us regarding all your beautiful healthy animals ,,,

I can tell you have a great passion for all you do … I Love your Zoo and you deserve everything you have ,,, You and your wife and daughter are such a Beautiful Family,,, God Bless Y'all

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Vicki Jezewski We saw them on Friday when we were there. So adorable! Have to say we were very impressed with everything. Extremely clean and very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Well worth the 6 and a half hour drive. Hope to visit again in the future. Keep up the good work 

Judy Vaught Dodson Thanks Jordan for the info. I could watch a clip about AAP paving a road, fixing a water line, a giraffes behind or the keepers cleaning & feeding the furry friends. Anything about your place is interesting. Hope to visit next summer but boo hoo Baby T won't be a baby then.

Marie Dauphinais There were some out on the road Monday evening…a mom and several babies. They went over to the fence when we went by.

Diana West Loved the short clip! Mama sure wanted her babies with her! Nice surprise today! Thank you Jordan for sharing!

Coni Dutka Since February, we have been following your site with the impending birth of Taj and getting to know April and Oliver. It was with great joy and excitement that we witnessed the birth of Taj and our dream was that someday soon, we would be able to make the visit from Ohio. Well, tomorrow is that day and we are just goose-bumped thrilled.

This will be our first stop on a 15 day field trip with our granddaughter whom we home school. Looking forward to meeting the staff, seeing our favorites and learning more about all of the animals there at the park. Great memories will be made for sure.

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