Tajiri the Giraffe Live Cam and Jordan’s mom 9/20

Tajiri the Giraffe Live Cam and Jordan's mom 9/20

Oliver, Animal Adventure Park, Jordan's mom

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Supporters react to Tajiri the Giraffe Live Cam

Kirstie Ader April peeing on Ollies face made me laugh so hard. Tajiri seemed like he was not sure what to think LOL. Thank you for sharing this moment with all of us! You guys are amazing!

Thelma Fletcher Wow, you folks made sure everything was covered, literally! I see Dr Tim on hand, just in case. What a beautiful reunion, love these animals, they are in such great care, thanks Jordan and everyone at AAP

Debbie Weeks Whitaker Dad? Daddy?? Dad??? I'm here dad! LOL. I'm so happy it went so well. Got me a little teary eyed that they were finally all together. Typical Oliver though, one tract mind. Love our giraffe family

Cooper Boos Just curious…was this introduction timed for re-breeding? We raise horses and I noticed April's behavior mimicked horses when they are in heat…urinating, raised tail and standing still. Then Oliver smelled and raised his head with lips up. All breeding signals for horses.

Patricia Duffey Jones Oliver has really grown….thought it was April in the beginning but realized Oliver's ossicones are taller and closer to his forehead. Understand how AAP sheltered Taj until he was bigger. Not much attention paid to Taj…..only one thing on Oliver's mind. Lol
Thank you AAP for sharing this special occasion.

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Diane Deveau Williams Thank you, Animal Adventure Park, for sharing these magnificent animals with us. The care you give them is truly astounding. I'm guessing that there is hay/alfalfa under the plywood, to help keep it dry – and to encourage the to forage? So lovely to see them interact so gently and peacefully. I know our time with Taj is going to be short, so it's really, really nice to be able to see him as much as we do. I wish I were close enough to come for a visit!

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